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Carnegie Mellon’s Raj Rajkumar Joins Insight LiDAR’s as Technical Advisor

Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology company Insight LiDAR
( today announced that Raj Rajkumar has joined its
Technical Advisory Board.

In this role, Rajkumar will support Insight LiDAR’s development of
next-generation, long-range FMCW LiDAR for Advanced Driver Assistance
Systems (ADAS) and the Autonomous Vehicles market. Allowing vehicles to
‘see,’ high-performing and cost-effective LiDAR will be essential to
achieving true (Level 4/Level 5) autonomous driving.

Rajkumar is the George Westinghouse Professor in the Department of
Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and
co-directed the General Motors-Carnegie Mellon Connected and Autonomous
Driving Collaborative Research Lab. He also has appointments in the Robotics
Institute and the Heinz College of Public Policy and Information Systems at
Carnegie Mellon. Rajkumar serves as director of the Metro21 Smart Cities
Institute, the USDOT Mobility21 National University Transportation Center,
and the Real-Time and Multimedia Systems Lab at Carnegie Mellon. His
research includes all aspects of cyber-physical systems with a particular
emphasis on connected and autonomous vehicles.

“Having been deeply involved with autonomous vehicle technology for many
years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen many technologies develop to
help solve this difficult challenge,” commented Raj Rajkumar. “Insight
LiDAR’s combination of ultra-high resolution, direct velocity measurement,
and low cost make it a potential game-changer. I’m thrilled to work with
this team to bring this exciting technology to market.”

“Advanced autonomous vehicles are an engineering challenge that relies on
the rapid evolution of numerous technologies,” commented Michael Minneman,
CEO of Insight LiDAR. “As an academic and industry thought leader, Raj
brings a perspective that will help Insight LiDAR make the right technology
choices and align with technology-forward industry developments. We’re
delighted to have such deep expertise added to our board.”

Insight LiDAR’s solution is characterized by resolution that performs 4-64x
better than competing solutions. Combined with velocity detection in every
pixel, the ultra-high resolution led to the first lidar system able to
achieve pedestrian gesture recognition. This capability makes vehicles safer
by predicting the actions of pedestrians.

As a chip-scale solution, it offers compact size and lower cost than
competing solutions.

Further information about Insight LiDAR’s Digital Coherent LiDART is
available at Direct inquiries to the company can be
made through or at +1 (303) 604-5160.

About Insight LiDAR

Insight LiDAR, launched in 2016 in Boulder, CO, is developing
next-generation, FMCW LiDAR for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle applications.
Insight LiDAR’s products are based on years of experience developing highly
linear, fast-sweeping Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) based tunable
lasers. This patented technology drives Insight LiDAR’s ability to deliver
higher performance at a dramatically lower cost than other LiDAR