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DeLorean Motor Company Partners With NFT IQ To Launch Their New Alpha5 EV With A Digital Twin

DeLorean Motor Company, Inc. today announced that it has partnered with NFT
IQ, Inc., a Web3 data and technology company, to create the world’s first
“EV Digital Twin” that will be tied to a real-world production slot of the

Each holder of DeLorean’s new Digital Twin technology secures a unique
production slot from the Alpha5 EVs slated to be produced over the next
several years in limited quantity. Six months prior to production, the
holder of the digital twin will be able to customize their Alpha5. They’ll
receive a new custom digital twin tied to the actual VIN number of their

“It makes sense that an iconic brand such as DeLorean would choose to launch
their new EV, The Alpha5, using blockchain technology,” says Cecil Robles,
Founder and CMO of NFT IQ. “Their digital twin democratizes the ownership
process. It gives everyone an opportunity to own a piece of an iconic
automotive brand…whether they end up purchasing a vehicle or not.”

In addition to securing a coveted limited production spot, digital twin
holders will get access to special DeLorean hosted events and exclusive
behind the scenes looks at the Alpha5’s road to production. The digital twin
is planned to come with a gameable avatar for major gaming platforms, where
Classic DeLorean already exists. “Classic DeLorean has existed in the
digital universe for decades and using this technology, we build the bridge
between the physical world and the metaverse,” said Joost de Vries,
DeLorean’s Chief Executive Officer.

Jennifer Lange, NFT IQ, Inc., 1 9494603408,

Jon Knox

DeLorean and NFT IQ are also developing a state-of-the-art online
marketplace for anyone to buy, sell or trade their digital twin. The entire
digital ecosystem helps grow the DeLorean brand and serves to welcome a new
generation of owners and fans to the DeLorean family.

Based on the current registrations for the DeLorean Alpha5 launch list,
DeLorean is already heavily over-subscribed. Each person on the list will
have the opportunity to join the DeLorean Alphas Club that provides, among
other benefits, guaranteed early-access to the limited quantity of digital
twins. Nonmembers will have an opportunity to participate in a lottery. If
selected, they can purchase one of the digital twins.

DeLorean will unveil the first physical version of its new EV, the Alpha5,
at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California on August 18.

Interested parties can become DeLorean Alphas club members at

About NFT IQ — NFT IQ is a Web3 Data and Technology company that partners
with big brands and enterprises to launch and grow their unique digital
presence. Our exclusive Digital Twin blockchain-based platform and
marketplace tethers our partner’s physical world products to the digital
world. We help brands expand their reach into the Metaverse and building a
thriving online community of customers, followers and fans.

About DeLorean Motor Company — DeLorean Motor Company, Inc is a new energy
mobility brand with historical roots in rebellious iconic design. After four
generations of evolution, DeLorean embarked on its future and unveiled an
electric vehicle in 2022, the Alpha5. Its vehicles and their technology
create an environment that engages the driver and the passion for the drive,
redefining what luxury means. Learn more about the company, advancements,
and vehicles at

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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