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Automechanika Shanghai – Shenzhen Edition listens to perspectives about green repair and talent management

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) makes for one of the most exciting times in the automotive industry. While EV ownership continues to surge, demands for related after-sales services are soaring but far exceeding the supply and capacity of existing stores. For a deeper understanding, EIC Workshop by Coppola and Sheffield Tools reveal how they are building up talent to satisfy needs in the evolving Chinese aftermarket. These companies will feature at Automechanika Shanghai from 20 to 23 December at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center.

In pursuit of a more sustainable future, China continues to promote green transformation in a bid to reach its carbon peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060[1]. As a result, the automotive industry is at an inflexion point with targets steering both carmakers and consumers towards the new energy vehicle market.

In this regard, it is no surprise that the country is well ahead of earlier predictions that could now see EVs hit a sales record of 6 million units by the end of the year[2]. The broader outlook appears even stronger with 40 percent of new cars expected to be powered by clean energy in 2030[3]. However, this unprecedented demand is unearthing a shortage of talent in the automotive ecosystem, especially across services in the aftermarket, which could make or break the Government’s green ambitions.

In conversation with EV aftermarket service providers

“The next three to five years is critical for aftermarket service providers,” said Mr Wang Hao, Founder of the EIC Workshop, which specialises in the maintenance and training of EV power systems. “Those focusing solely on the repair and maintenance of internal combustion engines must leverage and advance alongside the rapidly growing EV market. In my opinion, EV talent in the aftermarket is still in its infancy. Therefore, the Government, industry and educational institutes must unite to understand where the demand is now to generate talent and create favourable conditions for the widespread transformation of infrastructure, skilled labour, technology, accessories, service capabilities, workshop equipment and end-users.”

Keeping this in mind, Automechanika Shanghai will debut the Green Repair area to unite players across the aftermarket. The showcase will focus deeper on workshop technologies, equipment, licensing, testing and diagnostics for new energy vehicle maintenance, in addition to environmental solutions for the body and paint industry. It will also introduce green workshop technologies through live demonstrations, training, displays, product launches and open forums. Exhibitors are set to include Autel, CELETTE, Chicago Pneumatic, Dali, EAE, Festool, GAOCHANG, GYS, Midtronics and Xianjue.

One such exhibitor in the area, Mr Zhou Liang, National Vehicle Tools Sales Manager from Sheffield Tools, mentioned: “We recognise the need to embrace rising trends in the aftermarket. This is why we are allocating more resources into the research and development of tools specifically catered to EV repair and maintenance.”

He further explained: “To build up our profile in the EV market, we are working to improve our knowledge of electrical systems by strengthening our training and development internally. From this perspective, we can serve workshop technicians better by supplying the appropriate equipment and offering the know-how to operate such machinery. In addition to ensuring the highest safety levels in our products, we are also environmentally conscious in our product design, material selection and manufacturing of tools.”

In terms of building up the workforce, many experts believe that early intervention in the education system is the key to cultivating talent. In fact, institutions are now forming strategic alliances with aftermarket service providers to offer theory and practical-based learning. The collaboration aims to highlight healthy career opportunities in the repair and maintenance sector, giving graduates an initial point of entry into the workplace.

However, existing stores also need to upskill their personnel as more and more customers start switching to EVs. To support this transition, the EIC Workshop’s accredited certification offers specialised training on the maintenance, inspection and after-sales care of the EV power system. The programme is backed by the China Automobile Association, which ensures that the exchange of know-how meets national standards and aligns with the industry’s direction on EV development. In addition, the EIC Workshop will co-organise the New Energy Vehicle Battery, Motor and Electronic Control Maintenance Technical Training session in an open forum in the Green Repair area.

The Green Repair area forms part of the Innovation4Mobility Showcase. Other spotlights include the Innovation4Mobility Mainstage, A New Era of Commercial Vehicles and Motorsport and High Performance.

To find out about how to get involved, please contact Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd on + 852 2802 7728, visit

Automechanika Shanghai – Shenzhen Edition is organised by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and the China National Machinery Industry International Co Ltd (Sinomachint).

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