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Indy Autonomous Challenge Showcases World’s Fastest Autonomous Racecar Powered by Luminar; Announces Long-Term Partnership

The Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) today at the 2022 LA Auto Show showcased
the world’s fastest, and most advanced autonomous racecar equipped with
three long-range lidar sensors from Luminar and announced a long-term
partnership with the automotive technology company.

As the modern-day incubator for automotive performance and safety
technologies, the IAC aims to continue to create an environment for
university teams to push the engineering boundaries of autonomous software
by ensuring they have access to the latest and greatest hardware technology
from industry leaders.

“We are working with university teams around the world to accelerate the
pace of technology development and commercialization of ADAS and autonomous
systems, with a focus on high-speed automation,” said Paul Mitchell,
president, Indy Autonomous Challenge. “Luminar is now the exclusive lidar
sensor technology supplier of the IAC for the next three years due to its
commitment to make autonomy safe and ubiquitous through its rapidly growing
industry partnerships, including seven of the top 10 global automakers.”

Lidar has emerged as the primary sensor necessary to unlock autonomy and
allow the IAC’s Dallara AV-21 racecars to safely reach record-setting
autonomous driving at land speeds of up to 192.2mph and oval track racing
speeds of 173 mph.

IAC and Luminar have agreed to a three-year partnership that includes
transitioning from Luminar’s R&D Hydra sensors to its series production Iris
sensors. The change to the Iris units, which will occur in 2023, reflects
the IAC’s commitment to cultivating the technology pipeline between
autonomous race cars and autonomous consumer vehicles.

“The IAC has single handedly brought together some of the industry’s most
advanced automotive tech companies and world’s brightest minds from academia
to develop and test autonomous driving systems that will one day in the near
future make consumer vehicles safer and smarter,” said Aaron Jefferson, vice
president of product, Luminar.

About IAC

The Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) organizes racing competitions among
university affiliated teams from around the world to program fully
autonomous race cars and compete in a series of history-making events at
iconic tracks. Based in Indiana, the IAC is working to establish a hub for
performance automation in the state and is harnessing the power of
innovative competitions to attract the best and the brightest minds from
around the globe to further state-of-the-art technology in safety and
performance of automated vehicles. The IAC started as a $1 million prize
competition with 41 university teams signing up to compete more than two
years ago, representing top engineering and technology programs from 14 U.S.
states and 11 countries.

About Luminar

Luminar is a global automotive technology company ushering in a new era of
vehicle safety and autonomy. For the past decade, Luminar has built an
advanced hardware and software platform to enable its more than 50 industry
partners, including the majority of global automotive OEMs. From Volvo Cars
and Mercedes-Benz for consumer vehicles and Daimler Trucks for commercial
trucks, to tech partners NVIDIA and Intel’s Mobileye, Luminar is poised to
be the first automotive technology company to enable next-generation safety
and autonomous capabilities for production vehicles. For more information,
please visit

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