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Visteon Honored With Two CES 2023 Innovation Awards

Visteon announced that it has been named a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree for two new products: Lightscape® Panoramic Display and Command & Control Display. These two display products showcase Visteon’s latest innovative technology solutions that meet consumer demand for seamless, intuitive and integrated automotive displays.

Visteon Lightscape® Panoramic Display

Visteon Command & Control Display

The digital cockpit transformation continues to shape in-vehicle technology, and vehicle displays take center stage to deliver superior user experience for driver and passengers. OEMs that can find the right mix of technology features for this experience will benefit in brand perception, profits and sales, according to J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Tech Experience Index (TXI) Study. As OEM design studios release new display integration concepts, several key trends are emerging in the market:

Immersive, Large Multi-Displays seamlessly transform the digital cockpit and provide a superior user experience for driver and passenger. Next-gen concepts feature displays that span the entire dashboard width. The displays are more prominently positioned in the vehicle and more exposed to direct sunlight. While these concepts are visually stunning and can help to identify a brand’s unique aesthetic, they introduce new challenges to the market, particularly in the safe management and legibility of on-screen content. Driver safety will be improved by solutions that promote content legibility in any brightness environment.

Consumer market drives expectations. New-car buyers have a baseline expectation of performance, quality and craftsmanship from their experiences with consumer devices. Color, contrast, brightness and resolution contribute to the human perception of display picture quality. These higher performance requirements must be delivered at a low power budget to enable electrified drivetrain platforms.

The digital experience enables new interactions. Technology enables passenger entertainment content without introducing driver distraction. The market will progress beyond standard touchscreen interactions, introducing new interaction concepts based on voice, spatial movements, pressure sensing and tactile feedback. Such capabilities will require display surfaces to become more intuitive.

Visteon’s award-winning technologies address these market requirements, and more:

Visteon Lightscape® Panoramic Display is a pillar-to-pillar display of seamless design under a continuous glass lens. Lightscape provides high perceptual quality even in direct sun exposure. Utilizing Visteon’s award-winning TrueColor Image Enhancement, the system dynamically improves display performance based on ambient brightness conditions. Visteon’s “1 Watt” backlight delivers stunning contrast and color performance. Force-touch and on-screen haptics create new sensory experiences adding depth to human-machine interaction and improving safety. Lightscape introduces a video and gaming experience to the front passenger. The entertainment content is protected by Visteon’s Active Privacy filter, designed to promote safety and contextually prevent driver distraction.

Visteon Command & Control Display is a driver-centric, technology-forward display concept. The display glass is curved to bring the central display area within touchable reach. The 4K, wide-format reconfigurable display area is optimized for high perceptual quality: high brightness, wide color and pure black. The decorative panel in the central area matches appearance with surrounding design elements and can predict driver intent. When in use, the panel transforms to a fully reconfigurable display surface. When it is not needed, it transitions back to a decorative element. Powered by Visteon’s efficient local dimming technology, it can intelligently deliver brightness where it is needed, or save up 90% power when it’s not.

“We are extremely proud to receive these CES Innovation Awards as they highlight Visteon’s capabilities to develop technologies that enhance the user-experience and functionality of automotive cockpit displays,” said Qais Sharif, Visteon’s Vice President and General Manager of the Americas & Global Vice President of Display Product Lines. “Our Lightscape® Panoramic Display and Command & Control display are perfect examples of Visteon’s expertise powered by technological foresight that will forever change the future of driver-vehicle interaction with added safety, functionality and design aspects.”

About Visteon
Visteon is a global technology company serving the mobility industry, dedicated to creating a more enjoyable, connected and safe driving experience. The company’s platforms leverage proven, scalable hardware and software solutions that enable the digital, electric, and autonomous evolution of its global automotive customers. Visteon products align with key industry trends and include digital instrument clusters, displays, Android-based infotainment systems, domain controllers, advanced driver assistance systems and battery management systems. The company is headquartered in Van Buren Township, Mich., and has approximately 10,000 employees at more than 40 facilities in 16 countries. Visteon reported sales of approximately $2.8 billion and booked $5.1 billion of new business in 2021. Learn more at

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