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AUO FIDM Plus Integrated Display Solution Advance Innovation Of Future Cockpit at CES 2023

AUO announced it with partners to build next-generation smart cockpits that will upgrade driver’s experiences and in-vehicle entertainment. AUO large-size Fully Integrated Display Module Plus (FIDM Plus) demonstrates ultimate visual experiences and innovative safety services for the pioneering, futuristic smart cockpit.

With the rise of electric and autonomous vehicles, a smarter, more intuitive in-vehicle infotainment system becomes increasingly critical in meeting users’ entertainment and intelligent service demands. Display interfaces and high-performance computing platforms are the key enablers for high-quality in-vehicle entertainment and smart functions.

AUO FIDM Plus—an integrated display solution consisting of display modules and sensors—is built on AUO’s display technology advancements and integration capabilities. AUO FIDM Plus embeds cameras, IR sensors, ambient light sensors, and large touch display integrated panels. It enables functions such as the synchronization of multiscreen sharing, instant navigation, security, multimedia entertainment, interactive gaming, and video conferencing to deliver comprehensive human-machine interaction, providing total immersion to enhance in-vehicle working, entertainment, and lifestyle experiences.

“Displays and human-machine interaction have become critical differentiations for automakers in delivering immersive in-vehicle infotainment experiences; AUO continues to develop advanced display technologies and total solutions for the automotive market,” said Frank Ko, President and Chief Operating Officer of AUO. “We are glad to demonstrate the achievements with partners in future cockpits. AUO’s exclusive FIDM Plus integrated display solution tailored to cockpits, we can support automotive customers in delivering a more comfortable and secure in-car experience for drivers and passengers. AUO continuous pursuit of exploring infinite possibilities for the future of automotive applications.”

AUO FIDM Plus, showcased at CES 2023, comes with a fully laminated 55-inch pillar-to-pillar AmLED display that is curved-shaped to fit designated in-vehicle interiors and combines shock-absorbing functionality and aesthetic design. It packs a plethora of unique features, including high contrast, energy efficiency, high weather resistance, and high visibility under intense ambient light. The display is assembled with our exclusive AmLED technology (AUO Adaptive mini LED) to realize high resolution, high brightness, and a wide color gamut, providing drivers with visual clarity when displaying essential information. Furthermore, its true-black immersive design can save over 50% in energy conservation. The passenger side holds a switchable privacy display that can switch between privacy and normal modes to prevent driver distraction and enhance driving safety. Moreover, AUO FIDM Plus incorporates RGB-IR cameras, capable of capturing facial features for identity recognition and driver fatigue detection, and built-in ambient light sensors enabling automatic adjustments of display brightness based on light source intensities, ensuring comfortable viewing for drivers and passengers.

With the automotive display market highly concentrated on safety, AUO’s remarkable product stability and exceptional display quality are distinguished by its worldwide customers and position its place among the top three automotive display suppliers on the global stage. AUO FIDM Plus integrates core display and sensing technologies; from designing to manufacturing, AUO’s full-stack capabilities allow automotive customers to decrease product development time, improve the quality and reliability of products, and create ultimate experiences for vehicle users.

【CES 2023:AUO collaborates with partner to build next-generation concept vehicle with its large-size Fully Integrated Display Module Plus (FIDM Plus).】

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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