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New marketplace digitizes vehicle logistics and eliminates the middleman, making vehicle hauling faster, easier, and more profitable

Auto Hauler Exchange <>  today announced
the launch of its new online marketplace that transforms the way shippers
and carriers connect with one another. The first digital marketplace of its
kind in the vehicle logistics industry, the new Auto Hauler Exchange (AHX)
connects rigorously vetted large and small vehicle haulers across the United
States and Canada directly with vehicle shippers. By eliminating the
middleman typically required in vehicle logistics, AHX streamlines the
shipping process, cuts shipping delays, and reduces empty space on carriers
and unnecessary miles while increasing revenue.

AHX is an easy-to-use, online portal for vehicle logistics, offering both
transparency and improved profit margins for shippers and carriers. As the
middleman is no longer necessary for shipping logistics with AHX, an entire
layer of costs is eliminated; shipping fees are lower with no middleman
markup and carriers see higher profitability with shipper direct pricing for
both single and full truck loads.

“Vehicle logistics processes are very dated and fragmented. This has
impacted the entire vehicle supply chain with a considerable loss of vehicle
carriers actively hauling. The Auto Hauler Exchange online marketplace is a
transformative option to remedy this situation. The exchange provides a
digital ecosystem where shippers and haulers can work together,” says Royce
Neubauer, founder and CEO of Auto Hauler Exchange. “We enable shippers to
market their opportunities directly to carriers, so there is no middleman
pulling revenue away from the transaction. We also enable carriers to
embrace opportunities directly from large scale shippers that they would not
normally see.”

Vehicle remarketers, dealers, fleets, rental car companies, auctions, and
manufacturers can now expand their buying and selling reach by leveraging
the nationwide carrier partnerships within AHX. They can also trust that the
carriers that are moving their vehicles are vetted and have the correct
authority, insurance, and safety ratings to do the work.

Carriers on the exchange can now move vehicles for large scale shippers they
would not previously have had the opportunity to work for. They can pick and
choose which opportunities fit their routing on a day-by-day basis to
maximize their capacity and eliminate empty miles, while allowing them to
plan their backhauls in advance. Also, AHX pays the carrier on their terms,
enabling them to receive payments in as little as 48 hours after all
documents have been uploaded into the system.

Automation capabilities within the exchange enables shippers to instantly
track their deliveries through the integrated Transportation Management
System (TMS) at any time by mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. When
circumstances require immediate changes to be made, shippers and carriers
also have the option to call each other directly for rapid coordination.
Dashboards, email, messaging, alerts, and notifications are all built into
the exchange platform to further streamline operations, providing digitized
operations that require less manpower.

“In essence, we are replacing the middleman and digitizing tedious and time
consuming manual operations with sophisticated technology that we customized
for vehicle transportation in partnership with our marketplace platform
provider, Nautical Commerce <> ,” says
Neubauer. “We have automated the complex workflows of the vehicle logistics
ecosystem seamlessly on the robust Nautical platform, enabling the exchange
to provide a frictionless experience that is easy to learn and use. During
beta testing of the new exchange,  AHX moved vehicles for over 20 dealership
groups and remarketers throughout the US and signed up approximately 200
carriers with over 700 assets. These numbers are growing rapidly with the
launch and we are excited about our trajectory.”

“Royce and the Auto Hauler Exchange team are visionaries in an industry that
has traditionally been resistant to change. By reinforcing the relational
pieces of their business and digitizing the low value transactional aspects,
Auto Hauler Exchange can better serve their customers – both shippers and
carriers,” says Ryan Lee, Founder & CEO of Nautical Commerce. “Nautical is
proud to be the technology partner powering the next-generation of logistics

Suburban Ford of Troy, Michigan transports as many as 50 vehicles a month
from auction houses to their car lot, and the number is growing. Used car
manager Terry Lange, has worked with many different shipping companies, but
now will only ship with the Auto Hauler Exchange.

“With the Auto Hauler Exchange, I’ve been able to get the cars from the
auction with a one- to two-day turnaround at a fraction of the cost per unit
that the auction house would charge. I see as much as a 30 percent savings.
Previously it could have taken as long as two weeks for the auction house to
arrange shipping,” Lange says. “The Auto Hauler Exchange has been nothing
but exceptional – the best turnaround time, savings per unit, transparency
of rates and terms, and customer service.”

About Auto Hauler Exchange

Auto Hauler Exchange is a vehicle logistics online marketplace and community
that enables shippers and carriers to connect directly to eliminate empty
miles driven while maximizing capacity. The exchange gives control back to
carriers, empowering them to fill their trucks by connecting them directly
to shippers and cutting out the middleman. By using technology, AHX creates
a frictionless, efficient environment for vehicle transportation. For
additional information, visit
<> .

About Nautical Commerce

Nautical is a multi-vendor ecommerce platform enabling B2B businesses to own
their industry by leveraging the marketplace model. Using Nautical’s
headless technology, businesses can easily embrace and extend their existing
infrastructure to grow beyond their inventory, become a platform for their
industry, consolidate multi-brand businesses, and more. To learn more about
how Nautical can help grow your business, visit