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XenomatiX introducing a new road lidar at GeoWeek 2023

XenomatiX is announcing the new Dual Lane, the latest version of its road lidar, XenoTrack, at the 2023 edition of GeoWeek on February 13-15 in Denver,  a leading event for the geospatial, 3D, and built world.


XenomatiX, a true solid-state lidar company specialized in road asset management and digital twins of the roads, took a step-in easing 3D pavement measurement by introducing the Dual Lane lidar system, a solution built to guide road authorities in the decision-making for road works and road maintenance.


The Dual Lane lidar is designed to survey two neighbouring lanes in a single pass.  While the vehicle drives in one lane, the system simultaneously measures the road surface condition of that lane and the neighbouring lane.  All XenoTrack products including the Dual Lane system use an innovative, highly accurate lidar as main component, offering 3D and intensity maps of the road.  Additionally, 2D RGB camera images can complement the 6D Road Survey concept.


Traditional road assessment systems are limited to measuring the width of one or part of a road lane on each pass while the Dual Lane lidar system allows a surveyor or road inspector to save time, resources, and budget by measuring two lanes in one go.


In 2022, XenomatiX launched the XenoTrack Single Lane system.  Both the Single Lane and the Dual Lane systems fit on any standard vehicle, saving the customer the hurdle to invest in expensive and dedicated survey vehicles.  The XenoTrack system is set up in no time and the measurement vehicle can drive faster than 70km/h, further increasing the efficiency, especially for highway measurements.


XenomatiX will be exhibiting the Dual Lane for the first time at Geo Week in booth #826. Additionally, XenomatiX is hosting a launch webinar on March 2, please register here.


About XenomatiX


Since 2013, XenomatiX has continuously pursued a path focused on technology innovation in true solid-state lidars.


XenomatiX’ true solid-state lidars are based on a unique multi-beam lasers concept and mature, scalable, semiconductor technology. Its main product lines consist of XenoTrack and XenoLidar. XenoTrack collects and processes a wide range of data to enable applications like digitizing the road, IRI, rutting analysis, etc..


XenoLidar, mostly serving the automotive and autonomous market, analyses the vehicle’s surroundings. Its lightweight and small design make it ideal for seamless integration in any vehicle or robot. In addition to this, the company offers a modular series X-Module, software products for data acquisition and data processing, and engineering services.


Today, the company employs about 50 employees in Belgium, Germany, US, and China, and has a solid distribution network around the world. More info at

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