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Injecting confidence in welded polyamide parts with MMI structural simulation and validation

Polyamide compounds are increasingly being deployed for metal replacement in the
automotive sector. To construct complex polyamide parts and assemblies, different
welding technologies are available, but engineers need to know they can count on the
joining solution. DOMO, a leading producer of TECHNYL® PA6 and PA66 compounds, has
developed a demonstrator to validate vibration welded parts performance. Working
closely with the DOMO Service HUB for design, simulation and testing, customers can
have full confidence in the part’s performance before going to production.

TECHNYL® polyamides are the lightweight alternative for many automotive applications
these days, including technical parts like engine mounts, car crossbeam and oil pan
components, and even the battery carrier for electric vehicles. DOMO, a leading producer of
polyamide 6 and 66 (PA6 and PA66) compounds, can support the development process of
these technical parts through its integrated DOMO Service HUB. This includes DOMO’s MMI
technology, combining material modelling, mechanical and injection molding simulation to
predict part performance.

Welding of injection molded polyamide parts is a common practice for producing complex
assemblies in many fields of application, including the automotive sector. DOMO can help
customers increase the efficiency of the development process through virtual prototyping
using the MMI integrative structural simulation. But proper validation of the simulation
process is also required to build confidence in the methodology, especially when it comes to
parts with important mechanical loads.

DOMO’s TECHNYL polyamide experts have therefore developed a demonstrator to test
parts performance under load and with internal pressure of fluids, to help customers
evaluate welding performance. This is backed up by the full set of DOMO testing capabilities
and expertise in highly predictive integrative structural simulations with the MMI service.
DOMO’s demonstrator for vibration welded parts enables real use-case assessment for
hollow parts like manifolds, pipes, ducts, valves, and more. This includes the ability to study
relevant injection molding effects, like melt lines of different angles and assessing the
vibration welding itself. DOMO’s demonstrator molds allow for multiple testing options for
different experimental studies, including burst pressure testing with air and long-term
coolant aging testing of welded parts. This simulation process creates a 360-degree view for
accelerated material development.

Faster time to market
As a leading producer of TECHNYL polyamide compounds with tailored properties for each
application, DOMO can provide detailed mechanical data for prediction of the part’s
performance. And with MMI, DOMO offers integrated structural simulation. Thanks to
dedicated injection and mechanical simulation files, DOMO can support customers in the
selection of the right material and the best performing design for new applications from the
very first stages of development. This includes over 34,900 analysis files for 77 grades with

multiple material behavior for PA6, PA66 and PA-HT, and glass fiber content from 15-60%.
These also cover a wide range of temperatures from, 40°C to 210°C, and a full scope of
relative humidity from 0-100%.

Thanks to MMI and the DOMO Service HUB, DOMO can achieve an excellent correlation
between simulation and actual test results, including for welded parts. This enables faster
time to market, decreased development costs and optimized parts manufacturing for



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Sun. July 21st, 2024

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