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Pioneering TECHNYL polyamide is SHAPE of the future for e-mobility cooling

DOMO Chemicals offers a new line of polyamides formulated especially
for extrusion solutions for electric vehicle (EV) cooling circuit and air
conditioning lines. The TECHNYL® SHAPE product portfolio includes
specific heat stabilized and hydrolysis resistant materials designed to
keep EV’s cool and bolster the e-mobility transition.

TECHNYL® SHAPE is a groundbreaking line of polyamide solutions for the
manufacture of hollow body plastic components and tubes, ideal for extrusion
and blow molding applications. With a compelling cost/performance ratio
compared to metal or alternative plastics, TECHNYL SHAPE provides industry-
leading polymer solutions to meet the challenges of transporting air, fluids,
glycol, fuel, refrigerants, and dielectric fluids for battery immersion cooling for
electric vehicles.

This innovative product line features easy processability as well as excellent
mechanical performance, including temperature, chemical and impact resistance,
along with specific heat stabilized and hydrolysis resistant properties. Depending
on the bursting strength requirement of the application, DOMO experts will
recommend the most suitable solutions within the TECHNYL SHAPE product
family, selecting among PA6, PA6.10/PA66 and PA6.10-based options, all with
high barrier properties to refrigerants.

Extrusion is a process for making plastic tubes, offering a fast and effective
means for making coolant and air conditioning circuit lines. The use of
polyamides offers several advantages over metal and rubber, including low
permeability (no need for fluorination), excellent mechanical properties (lower
wall thickness possible), lighter weight, easy processing (lower cycle time) and
lower cost.

With varying pressure levels in different coolant and air conditioning lines, water
glycol lines present the least amount of pressure at 1-5 bar, while AC lines can
go up to more than 100 bar. TECHNYL SHAPE offers three different products for
extruded parts, with D458P BK, a PA6.10 solution for lower pressure that is
highly flexible; C548B BK, a medium-flexibility PA66 solution for thermoformed
refrigerant lines; and DA438CR BK, a less flexible PA6.10/PA66 solution for high
pressure AC and battery coolant lines.

Figure 1.1

TECHNYL SHAPE materials are ideal for vibration and laser welding, as well as
for overmolding in hybrid applications. Compatibility with refrigerant is also very
important and aging tests show there is no degradation of system tightness or
welding interface. In terms of permeability, these grades show excellent barrier
properties, outperforming rubber on this score, even in humid conditions.
These grades also demonstrate excellent coolant resistance at 80°C, with
elongation greater than 100% after 800 hours. At higher temperatures, they
also show good coolant resistance. For example, according to a major OEM’s
specifications for coolant circulation in pipes tested at 125°C, the pure PA6.10
product D458P BK demonstrated excellent coolant resistance.

And, during some recent test against another major OEM’s standard for
exposure to de-icing salt, both DA438CR BK and D458P BK passed the test
without cracks after at least 11 cycles.

SHAPE of things to come
TECHNYL SHAPE offers an innovative line of polyamide products for extrusion
applications for electric vehicle (EV) cooling circuit and air conditioning lines,
with varying levels of burst resistance and flexibility. They boast superior laser
weldability and excellent compatibility with R1234yf refrigerant, including with
laser welded assemblies. The TECHNYL SHAPE line also demonstrates very low
permeability to refrigerant in very harsh conditions, excellent coolant resistance,
and good salt resistance. TECHNYL SHAPE is the future of EV cooling.



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Sun. April 14th, 2024

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