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Trailblazing TECHNYLR HFFR offering for e-mobility

The automotive industry is taking a sharp turn towards e-mobility, with electric and
hybrid powertrains fast gaining on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle sales. As the
OEMs shift gears to a more sustainable mobility offering, metal replacement with lighter
weight plastics is one of the keys to this transition. Assemblies and parts need to be
lighter, more durable, and account for a lower carbon footprint, while also being flame
retardant, all of which requires cutting-edge engineered materials.

As the automotive market rapidly transforms, DOMO is continuously innovating its
TECHNYL® product portfolio to offer materials for e-mobility that are safer, more
sustainable and more competitive. Its latest range of polyamides dedicated to e-mobility
provide the mechanical properties and performance for OEMs to differentiate their
products in an increasingly cutthroat market. What is more, these TECHNYL polyamides
provide a new level of flame retardancy and sustainability in one solution.

DOMO’s value proposition for e-mobility comprises a wide range of innovative polyamide
formulations, including TECHNYL® PURE, which is a high purity grade to ensure corrosion
prevention and safety-critical functionalities. The TECHNYL® PROTECT line of flame-
retardant polyamide solutions is ideal for automotive electrics and electronics applications.
TECHNYL® ONE and TECHNYL STAR® offer a superior flowability and high-temperature
matrix, as well as excellent electrical properties and halogen-free flame retardant
performance. TECHNYL® MAX is a robust, glass fiber reinforced polyamide for metal
replacement. And TECHNYL® orange formulations offer reliable color retention in several
shades of orange, along with laser-marking, flame-retardancy, and high heat and fatigue
resistance for high-voltage automotive components and cabling in electric vehicles.

Dedicated e-mobility grade
One of DOMO’s strongest advantages is its halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) polyamide
offering, as a pioneer in this space. The latest HFFR formulation dedicated to e-mobility,
TECHNYL STAR® S61X1 V30-50 BK, harnesses this expertise, featuring optimized flame
retardant properties to serve higher wall thicknesses. This innovative solution is ideal for an
array of EV system parts, including high-voltage connectors and electrical devices, power
electronics, heating and cooling management, and mechanical and battery assembly parts
(e.g., cell insulation plates, battery covers and casings).

This is a PA6 grade that is 30% glass fiber and UL94 V0 flame retardant at 1.6mm. Thanks to
DOMO’s patented TECHNYL STAR® technology, it shows up to 60% better flowability than
standard PA66 and 100% more than standard PA6 – with a wider processing window and
excellent surface quality. This HFFR formulation also boasts less mold deposit and less tool
corrosion. In fact, it outperforms the competition’s benchmark with significantly better
flowability, improved cycle time, less degradation of the additive, greater design flexibility
and excellent surface quality.

DOMO’s TECHNYL® line of flame retardant polyamides hold the keys to a more competitive
and sustainable automotive sector, providing lighter weight, more durability, safety and
lower carbon solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s e-mobility challenges.
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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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