The automotive world is abuzz with excitement as Richard Rawlings, the iconic CEO of Gas Monkey Garage, gears up to make a grand entrance at the upcoming SEMA 2023 Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association) in Las Vegas. The renowned garage, celebrated for its automotive craftsmanship and innovation, is set to unveil four extraordinary and meticulously crafted cars, ranging from classics to a revolutionary electric vehicle (EV), all of which promise to leave auto enthusiasts in awe.

“We’ve poured our blood and sweat into these cars, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of automotive customization.” – Richard Rawlings

The Fabulous Four:

The four cars poised to steal the spotlight at SEMA 2023 are nothing short of spectacular. Gas Monkey Garage’s incredible creations have been a hot topic on the internet, with each build being meticulously documented on their YouTube channel. Let’s dive into the details of these automotive masterpieces:

  1. Testa: A Legendary Ferrari Testarossa ReimaginedGas Monkey Garage has taken the iconic Ferrari Testarossa to new heights by giving it a full EV conversion. This masterpiece features center seat steering and boasts top-of-the-line components from industry giants like Brembo, Bilstein, Legacy EV, XKGlow, Vossen, and General Tire. The Testa will be showcased in the Legacy EV booth, promising a futuristic twist on a classic beauty.
  2. GMC C1500 Pickup Truck: A Full Gas Monkey Garage BuildThe Gas Monkey Garage team has started from scratch with the GMC C1500 Pickup Truck, incorporating cutting-edge technology and components. This exceptional build includes a GM Performance crate engine, Holley fuel injection, Ultimate Headers, Magnaflow exhaust systems, LME Racing intake, TCI chassis, Airlift 3P air ride system, Currie rear-end, Wilwood brakes, AMD body and bed, Titans of CNC grill and badges, NTX Audio/Hertz sound system, Slosh Tubz seat frames, and Axalta paint. This marvel will be on display at the Scoggin Dickeys/Chevrolet Performance booth.
  3. 812 Superfast Ferrari: Born Anew by Gas Monkey GarageGas Monkey Garage has breathed new life into a battered $600,000 supercar, turning it into a jaw-dropping masterpiece. With a full carbon body conversion and performance upgrades that incorporate the latest styling techniques from Creative Bespoke, this automotive gem will be displayed at the MV Forged booth, promising to be a head-turner.
  4. Dodge RAM TRX: A Modern-Day Overlanding BuildGas Monkey Garage, led by Richard Rawlings, has taken the brand-new Dodge RAM TRX and transformed it into a modern-day overlanding beast. With the help of Ranch ATC, Wilwood brakes, JTX Forge Wheels, and NTX Audio, this TRX is ready to conquer any terrain. It will be located at the Ranch ATC booth at SEMA.

Richard Rawlings, the charismatic face behind Gas Monkey Garage, is thrilled about their SEMA 2023 showcase. He stated, “We’ve poured our blood and sweat into these cars, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of automotive customization. This year we are excited to unveil four of our latest creations, not just to the public attending but to our global audience and fans.”

The Man Behind the Legend: Richard Rawlings

Richard Rawlings, an American entrepreneur, television personality, and car enthusiast, founded Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas, in 2004. The garage’s fame skyrocketed thanks to the Discovery Channel’s reality television series Fast N’ Loud, which premiered in 2012 and showcased Richard’s passion for restoring and flipping classic cars. But Richard’s ambitions don’t stop there; he owns multiple restaurants and venues, has his own Tequila and Energy Drink, a global apparel brand, and sponsors some of the top names in motorsport racing. He’s no stranger to tackling projects he’s passionate about head-on.

The SEMA 2023 Experience: Meet the Gas Monkey Garage Team

Gas Monkey Garage’s presence at the SEMA 2023 Show promises to be an unforgettable experience for attendees. Visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to meet the Gas Monkey Garage team, including the one and only Richard Rawlings, and get an up-close look at the four remarkable vehicles on display at the following booths:

  • Legacy EV
  • Scoggin Dickeys/Chevrolet Performance
  • MV Forged
  • Ranch ATC

If you’re eager to learn more about Gas Monkey Garage and their SEMA 2023 showcase, visit their official website at

About Gas Monkey Garage

Gas Monkey Garage, owned by entrepreneur Richard Rawlings, took its first steps in Dallas, Texas, in 2004. The shop, popularized by the Discovery Channel series Fast N’ Loud, which held the title of the channel’s number one show for eight years, specializes in customizing classic and hot-rod automobiles. Gas Monkey Garage has gained a worldwide reputation for its meticulous attention to detail and innovative approach to automotive projects. Over the years, Gas Monkey Garage has partnered with numerous brands, including Dodge, Miller Lite, Gorilla Pro, as well as NASCAR, several drag racing teams, and the Isle of Man TT Races. Gas Monkey Garage continues to entertain and inspire its global audience with multiple episodes of their automotive projects each week on their YouTube channel. With Richard Rawlings leading the charge, Gas Monkey Garage’s future is looking brighter than ever, and their creations continue to set new standards in the world of automotive customization.

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