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Kognic Honored as Sensor Perception Solution of the Year by The Tech.AD USA Awards 2023

Kognic, industry leader in dataset management for safety-critical AI, announced that it has been selected as a winner of The Tech.AD USA Award 2023 as the leading Sensor Perception solution of the year.

“Kognic is helping to pioneer new ways of thinking and working to create safer, more reliable approaches to embodied AI applications such as autonomous driving,” said Oscar Petersson, Co-Founder and CFO.

Kognic provides a dataset management platform that helps enterprises assemble efficient ground-truth data pipelines for sensor-fusion datasets. The Kognic Platform accelerates Machine Learning (ML) for performance-critical, embodied Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications such as autonomous driving and robotics. Founded in 2018 by engineering physicists with extensive experience in the field of Deep Learning, Kognic’s platform has become a core toolset in the fields of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving, and is currently being used by technology leaders such as Qualcomm, Bosch, Continental and Zenseact, which provide ADAS / AD systems that power vehicles for global OEMs such as BMW, Ford and Volvo Cars.

“A paradigm shift in product value requires a paradigm shift in development tools and processes, and that is exactly what we are seeking to provide for the automotive industry with the Kognic platform,” said Daniel Langkilde, CEO and Co-Founder at Kognic. “We believe that the future of ML-based automotive product development hinges on managing evolving datasets, and we look forward to collaborating with leading customers seeking to deploy trusted and high-performing perception systems.”

The Tech.AD USA Award exclusively honors extraordinary projects in the automotive industry and celebrates exceptional solutions and innovations. An expert jury evaluates nominees on the basis of five criteria: innovation, simplicity, achievement, maturity, and cost effectiveness. Taking place on the first event day of Tech.AD USA 2023 in Dearborn, MI, the award ceremony brings the nominees the recognition they deserve with the largest community of autonomous driving decision-makers in North America.

The Kognic Platform is built upon an industry-leading annotation engine which enables multi-sensor fusion – merging data from sensors such as radar, LiDAR and camera. With intuitive interfaces for visualizing complex sequences, Kognic’s solution speeds AI product teams’ efforts to explore, shape and explain their datasets. The fine-tuning capabilities of the solution provide significant efficiencies that are essential to gaining leverage on improving model performance for perception.

Kognic’s Prediction Gap Lens, a key component of the solution, helps teams discover critical anomalies by comparing annotations to predictions by allowing identification of discrepancies between annotations and predictions, thus enabling teams to enhance model performance. Teams can filter and select objects that require further inspection and correction, allowing annotations to be iteratively optimized for review and fine-tuning with ease. Ensuring your dataset is refined and accurate is the best method for faster development cycles that carry a high bar for performance and safety.

“Many key players in the automotive industry are in the process of transforming themselves from traditional manufacturing entities to software-driven technology innovators, and are now recognizing the importance of data as a key element of product value,” said Oscar Petersson, Co-Founder and CFO. “But putting data at the center of their operations can be a challenge – both for their teams and for their technology suppliers. Kognic is helping to pioneer new ways of thinking and working to create safer, more reliable approaches to embodied AI applications such as autonomous driving.”

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About Kognic

Founded in 2018 by pioneering engineering physicists working in the field of Deep Learning, Kognic is taking on the most challenging area in Machine Learning: the quest to help machines reliably make sense of a messy, chaotic, and unstructured world. Kognic’s dataset management platform is a critical solution in industries such as Automotive, Robotics, Manufacturing and Fulfillment to deliver trusted, high-performance AI applications. Kognic is headquartered in Sweden with teams in Germany, Eastern Europe, the USA and Japan serving global enterprise customers. For more information, please visit

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