2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Bosch Vehicle Stability System

Robert Bosch Corp. is supplying its vehicle stability system on General Motors’ 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Bosch will supply the Grand Prix with both ABS as well as Enhanced Traction System as an option on the base GT model.

Bosch’s ABS and traction control system are standard equipment on the Grand Prix GTP models, and all ABS-equipped models include Bosch’s tire pressure monitoring system to alert drivers of low tire pressure. Bosch’s electronic stability program (ESP) is part of the optional package on the GTP models.

ESP is an active safety system designed to enhance vehicle stability in critical situations through the selective application of the brakes in conjunction with engine torque reduction to help the driver control the vehicle in potentially dangerous situations.

The system accomplishes this through the use of sensors that constantly compare the driver’s intent with the vehicle’s actual behavior. When the system senses the driver is losing control of the vehicle, it activates individual brakes and/or reduces engine torque to help the driver keep the vehicle stable and headed in the intended direction. While such stability programs are featured on many vehicles throughout the automotive sphere this integration with the Grand Prix will serve as another opportunity for non-luxury car customers to have this burgeoning safety technology.

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Sat. June 15th, 2024

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