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State-of-the-art tracking and dispatch device for Taxis

Infotrack Solutions Pte Ltd (Singapore) recently merged with CERT Telematics LLC, an Abu Dhabi based company and wholly owned subsidiary of the CERT Group in the United Arab Emirates.

The new company, CERT InfoTrack Telematics is an exclusive technology provider of taxi and automotive fleet management and dispatch systems for a large pool of clients throughout Asiapacific, India and the Middle East.

The merger brings together complementary technologies of both CERT and InfoTrack.InfoTrack’s key strength lies in the area of logistical software – referred to as “Location Intelligence Solutions”.

The homegrown company has been active in Singapore providing various systems for companies such as a hand-held real-time application for the Land Transport Authority and their signature ‘InfoTrack’ system used by, SMART Cab Automobiles, Tiong Woon Crane &Transports, Asiatracks Pte Ltd and Comfort Delgro’s CitySpeed Car Sharing.

CERT’s key strengths in research and development has developed leading edge Telematics hardware, firmware and software systems in collaboration with IBM that saw CERT signing the largest telematics deal in history in 2005.

The merger increases their service-range capacity, as well as ensures that the current competitive advantage of CERT InfoTrack Telematics for the benefit of the global industry as well as existing and future clients. Said C.K Ramakant, CEO of InfoTrack Solutions,“ This is wonderful day for Infotrack where a local company is making a strong foothold in the global market together with the strong association of major player such as CERT Telematics “.

“We are pleased to share this merger not only as a key milestone of our company, but also to encourage other local companies to follow suit for enterprise and business opportunities in the Middle East and far beyond,” he added.

Said Dr. Bob Richards, CEO of the CERT Group of Companies via video feed from Abu Dhabi, “ Its great pleasure for us on this particular day to celebrate great association with Infotrack forging a new technology partnership.”

The newly merged company has recently secured a contract worth some $43 million USD. Awarded by the Abu Dhabi government’s Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars(TransAD) the move to improve seven (7) Taxi Franchisees is part of TransAD’s strategy to improve the transportation system in the emirate to meet international standards.

Mr. Khaled Saleh Al Rashedi, General Manager of TransAD said in a recent press conferencein Abu Dhabi that all taxi cars would be equipped with a state-of-the-art tracking and dispatch device provided by CERT InfoTrack.

The device would have many useful features such as detailed maps of the UAE, an electronicmeter and a database recording system, and it would be able to accept payments through credit cards in foreseeable future. The dispatching services would be offered to public through a centralized call centre, which would work 24 hours supporting up to 7000 taxis in the near future.

The system is currently on pilot-test in Abu Dhabi and plans for a final launch in the next few months is currently underway.

What is Telematics?
Telematics refers to the integration of computing, wireless communications and Global Positioning System (GPS) for sending, receiving and storing information over vast networks. More specifically, the term refers to automobile systems that provide a variety of navigational, security and emergency services to the user. Telematics devices allow drivers to browse the Internet, send and receive e-mails, receive live traffic updates, listen to satellite radio, and perform various other activities.

About CERT (
The CERT Group of Companies is the commercial arm of the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates. and has grown to be the largest private education provider in the Middle East. CERT is also the largest MENA (Middle East North Africa) investor in the discovery and commercialization of technology, investing $35 Million USD in 2007. In 2005, CERT signed the largest Telematics deal in history with IBM, which has lead to the development of Telematics technology in the United Arab Emirates. CERT provides the only 3 super-computing center in the South of Asia, Middle East nad North Africa region. The CERT
Blue Gene super-computer offers 5.7 teraflops calculating speed to corporate clients for use in biotechnology, nanotechnology and genetics research as well as oil and gas simulation.

CERT Technology Park in the UAE is home to international companies such as Intel, Honeywell and Lucent Technologies.

About InfoTrack (
Established in 2005, InfoTrack Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based Technology company, developing comprehensive location-based solutions. With well-defined presence in the location-based IT-enabled services market, InfoTrack Solutions has permeated Asean, Indian Subcontinent and Middle Eastern markets in a big way within short span of three years.

Focusing their primary services around the Logistics and Transportation industry, Infotrack currently holds five customizable telematics and telemetry solutions for vehicle tracking, dispatch and monitoring.The homegrown company has provided various systems for companies such as Comfort Delgro’s CitySpeed Car Sharing, Land Transport Authority, Tiong Wong Corporation,AsiaTrack Pte Ltd and SMART Cab.Automobiles.

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