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Fuel processing and hydrogen purification systems

Hy9 Corporation
(, a manufacturer of high performance fuel processing and hydrogen purification systems for the portable power, stationary and backup power, industrial gas and transportation markets, is introducing their HGS-M series of methanol-based hydrogen generators for the stationary power market.

The complete HGS family of hydrogen generators, running hydrocarbon fuels such as methanol or natural gas, when integrated with cost effective PEM fuel cells, provides backup power companies a reliable, cost effective, compact and efficient solution to meet increased customer demand for an extended runtime of 72 hours.

“The HGS-M hydrogen generator provides a superior alternative to the high cost, storage limitations and logistical challenges associated with delivered compressed hydrogen cylinders, giving end-users a practical alternative to batteries and diesel generators. The high energy density of methanol provides for extended runtimes of 72 hours without extensive fuel storage,” says Brad Bradshaw, CEO of Hy9.

The HGS-M series is available in 25 liters per minute and 75 liters per minute hydrogen capacities, corresponding to net 1.7 and 5 kW fuel cell systems. Hy9’s hydrogen generators reliably produce hydrogen in excess of 99.9999% purity, ensuring long-lived, high performance fuel cell operation. The systems are highly scalable due to the unique and compact reformer and membrane purifier design, with the added benefit of a minimal system footprint. In addition, systems can be modified to meet customer’s unique requirements including different capacity levels.

“The HGS-M is designed for PEM fuel cell backup power applications requiring extended runtime hydrogen supply. It operates on a fuel mixture of methanol and water with a fuel consumption rate of just over 1/4th of a gallon per kilowatt-hour. A typical 1.7 kW fuel cell could be powered for 24 hours on just 11 gallons of fuel,” adds Mr. Bradshaw.

Hy9’s unique and patented membrane purifier, a core part of the HGS-M hydrogen generator, eliminates the costly and complex purification steps required of many reformer-based hydrogen generators when coupled with fuel cells. Hy9 has successfully placed close to 1,000 hydrogen purification systems in the field, with over 3 million cumulative hours of operation without any field failures recorded to date.

Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts (USA), Hy9 Corporation designs, manufactures and sells low-cost, high-performance fuel processing and hydrogen purification systems for the portable power, stationary and backup power, industrial gas and transportation markets. For companies deploying fuel cells for stationary and portable power applications, Hy9’s membrane purification and fuel processing solutions enable PEM fuel cells to operate reliably and efficiently over long periods of time on available hydrocarbon fuels, such as methanol and natural gas.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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