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Research Group Successfully Increased the Efficiency of Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium Ion Battery Composed of a LiMnxNiyCozO2 Cathode Material by a Logistic Charging Algorithm Based on Kinetics of Lithium Ion Diffusion

Superlattice Power emerging leader in the development and marketing of the next generation of lithium-powered batteries worldwide, states that by using 29.6 kilo watt hours of lithium ion battery the researchers of SLAT investigated the factors that affect lithium ion diffusion and origin of high resistance in a large format battery pack.

In an initial research the charging algorithm was modified using a multistage charging rate following a differential curve obtained through experiment. The development work also emphasized on electrical regenerative power and cell voltage balancing using a new version of battery management system.

The new technology was used by EV Innovations Inc. and the driving range of the electric car has been increased by at least 1.5 times.
Further research work will be continued with a next generation battery pack where the cathode material with superlattice structure will be used and the expected specific capacity is 1.5 times compared to the cathode, LiMnxNiyCozO2.

The objective of Superlattice Power Inc. is to manufacture and develop a safe rechargeable lithium ion battery for onboard energy storage in HEVs and EVs. The technical success of the company is ensured by its proprietary battery module design, battery cell management systems and battery thermal management system. Superlattice Power has a team well trained in lithium ion battery technology and its large-scale manufacturing is receiving support from different manufacturers worldwide.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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