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SpreadsheetLIVE Turns Ordinary Spreadsheets into Web-based Real-Time Collaboration Documents

Pagos, Inc., a leading developer of software solutions and IT consulting services, announces the launch of SpreadsheetLIVE, an online spreadsheet service that enables true real-time, multi-user collaboration to help businesses create, share and publish spreadsheets online. The service, which is currently free while still in Beta testing, is expected to be made widely available in late November.

SpreadsheetLIVE delivers a fully-featured spreadsheet application, much like Microsoft Excel, but in an Internet browser-based environment that allows users to create spreadsheets from scratch online or upload existing spreadsheets and share them with others. Unlike installed software, however, SpreadsheetLIVE allows simultaneous editing of a spreadsheet by multiple users. This enables true collaboration, improves efficiency and reduces errors and troublesome versioning problems created when multiple users must edit the same worksheet independently.

“The problem with typical spreadsheet applications, like Excel, is that each document may only be edited by one user at a time,” said Ugur Kadakal, Ph.D., CEO of Pagos. “Sure, they can be housed on a common server and many users can access them, or they can be distributed by e-mail for multiple users to review and edit, but that can cause confusion and errors when the documents change without other collaborators being aware of the changes or knowing which version is the most current.”

SpreadsheetLIVE solves that dilemma by allowing multiple users to collaborate concurrently on spreadsheet documents through an online control panel that is simple and easy to use. The system includes most of the same features commonly found in Excel and other standard spreadsheet applications, including:

• Support for 330+ worksheet formulas;
• Support for cell formatting, including number formats, fonts, background colors and borders; and
• Support for the most commonly used charts, including organizational charts and pivot tables.

For better integration with enterprise systems, SpreadsheetLIVE supports real-time data integration with ODBC-compliant data sources to enable users to work with data stored inside the native database application directly through SpreadsheetLIVE, eliminating the complicated and time-consuming process of importing or querying the data set.

“SpreadsheetLIVE connects directly to the database and automatically synchronizes information in the spreadsheet as it is updated in real-time through the native database,” Kadakal said. “And, because it can easily handle very large and elaborate spreadsheets, this saves a tremendous amount of time and effort, and it reduces the risk of mistakes in importing data and updating formulas.”

Available for licensing to be installed on internal company servers, SpreadsheetLIVE is highly secure. Proprietary data remains on the company’s internal servers, reducing the risk of breach and preserving security and compliance posture. Relying on its own high-performance proprietary calculation engine, SpreadsheetLIVE requires no dependence on third-party products. A hosted solution is also available for individual and small business use.

SpreadsheetLIVE is compatible with Excel 2007 .xml files, as well as Excel 2003, and most common Internet browsers, including Internet Explorer 7.0 and 8.0, FireFox 2.0, 3.0 and Google Chrome.

Support for international character sets, including Chinese, Arabic and Japanese, satisfies the needs of international users. A truly multi-language version is currently under development that will update menu structure on demand for each user, based on his or her preferred language.

“SpreadsheetLIVE is designed for true collaboration between team members across the hallway or across the ocean,” Kadakal said.

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