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QH Components Steer Gordon Murray Design in the Right Direction…

QH Steering and suspension components from specialist OE and aftermarket automotive component supplier the Klarius Group have been used in Gordon Murray’s new T.25 concept city car. Due to their economic manufacture in short batch runs the QH components have also proved the perfect fit for his new iStream short-run car manufacturing process.

Gordon Murray Design has been making headlines after unveiling the new T.25 city car and the method of manufacture used to create it, ‘iStream’. iStream relies upon lightweight components fitting directly onto the chassis prior to body panels being attached; this makes short production runs of smaller and cheaper cars a viable option for both new and established automotive manufacturers.

Due to a unique position held in the marketplace by the Klarius Group; supplying OE and aftermarket components, QH branded products meet the strict safety and quality requirements of OE manufacture but are deliverable in low volumes as they are often manufactured in low volumes as is required by aftermarket sales channels.

Components supplied include front anti-roll bar drop links, suspension bushes, ball joints and steering track rod ends. These have been designed into the fabricated suspension and steering mechanisms, which are unique to the T.25. Due to the car’s size the design team had very little room for manoeuvre in the dimensions of these components, so locating the parts in the right size was vital for the car’s success.

Frank Coppuck, Engineering Director for Gordon Murray Design,
comments: “When we started speaking to Klarius about QH parts we very quickly realised that this was a company that was perfect for our requirements. The vast product catalogue meant the sales team could quickly identify pre-designed components which were almost identical to our ideal specification, these could then be produced in the low numbers we required for the concept stage of design. The R&D facilities also mean that the many components that we have fabricated ourselves for development could easily be outsourced to its manufacturing facilities once the car reaches production.”

Readers can watch the video filmed at Gordon Murray Design on the Klarius Group website here.

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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