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The New ebuggy e-Mobility Concept Allows Electric Cars to Travel Any Distance

The prototype ebuggy is finished and has proved successful

ebuggy offers electric cars unrestricted mobility on motorways, with no range limitations. ebuggy plans a network of ebuggy relay stations at which drivers of electric cars can hitch up battery trailers. The prototype is finished and has proved effective.

How does ebuggy operate?

If required, an ebuggy battery trailer can be hitched up at an ebuggy relay station and the journey continued using the energy from the ebuggy. On arrival in the destination area, the ebuggy is dropped off again at the final service station. ebuggy can be exchanged whenever necessary during longer journeys so that unlimited ranges can be achieved. And all this within two minutes.

“ebuggy allows the automotive industry to build reasonably priced electric vehicles with a smaller battery, because ebuggy is available for longer distances. As a result, electric cars will become cheaper than vehicles with a combustion engine and e-mobility will be able to assert itself rapidly and dynamically,” says Dr. Manfred Baumgartner, Managing Director of ebuggy GmbH.

The first lap has been won

The ebuggy prototype was constructed with the support of Germany’s Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and project partners such as the Fraunhofer Institut IPA and Stuttgart University. The concept works perfectly.

ebuggy starts the second lap

A total of four laps have been planned for the ebuggy infrastructure concept. During the second lap, readiness for serial production will be tested and the first network trials planned. Co-operation partners and other investors are welcome to join in the second lap.

About ebuggy

ebuggy GmbH is the operating company for the ebuggy mobility concept. It will develop the ebuggy battery trailer and relay stations for series-production readiness and develop the international ebuggy network with subsidiaries in important automotive markets.

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Sun. February 25th, 2024

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