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STAR Aries Headlamp Tag ideal for use on car, motorcycle, and scooter headlamps

STAR Systems International Introduces Secure Headlamp Tags for E-tolling and Automatic Vehicle Identification Applications

STAR Systems International, an RFID hardware provider and value added distributor, has announced the availability of their new headlamp RFID tag designed specifically for automatic vehicle identification (AVI) applications such as E-tolling, electronic vehicle registration, parking, secure access, and fleet management.

Traditionally, RFID tags are placed on the inside of a windshield for AVI applications. However, for situations where a tag cannot be used due to a windshield’s metallic content or aesthetic reasons, the Aries Headlamp tag offers an excellent alternative. The STAR Aries Headlamp Tag is tuned to work while affixed on a vehicle’s headlamp. It delivers superior read and write performance along with high levels of security and tamper resistance.

Unlike many competitive tags, the Aries Headlamp Tag was specifically designed for vehicle ID since its product conception. Providing both data and physical security via its patented break-on-removal feature, the Aries Headlamp Tag is the perfect tag for tolling and secure access projects. Simple to install, small in size, and clear in color, the tag is barely noticeable when applied to the headlamp of a car, motorcycle, or scooter. The Aries Headlamp Tag is constructed to withstand years of extreme weather and harsh driving environments, while providing reliable read performance.

According to Chris Cheung, Senior Applications Manager of STAR Systems International: “A tolling operator must deal with a variety of different vehicles and their configurations when collecting revenue. Sometimes a tag cannot be placed on a windshield, or in the case of motorcycles and motor scooters, there might not even be a windshield at all. In those cases, the Aries Headlamp Tag is the perfect solution, and it can be read consistently on vehicles driving at high speeds and in harsh environments.”

The Aries Headlamp Tag uses an IC chip with a flexible memory architecture that provides for the optimum allocation of EPC and user memory. It is ideal for use in high performance/security applications such as E-tolling, electronic vehicle registration (EVR), secure parking and access, fleet management and other critical vehicle tracking programs. User memory may also be secured by the chip’s read-lock and/or write-lock features on 64-bit blocks, allowing the tag to support a variety of public/private usage models. The IC chip also features a factory programmed and permanently locked 64-bit serial number that cannot be altered. In conjunction with the EPC data and optional uniquely generated access codes, this tag provides a unique and high level of security for each tagged vehicle and its data.

About STAR Systems International

STAR Systems International is a Hong Kong-based RFID hardware provider and value added distributor specializing in UHF RFID-enabled vehicle identification and supply chain management applications. Working through an extensive network of value added resellers and systems integrators, STAR Systems provides a wide range of RFID hardware, professional consulting services and technical support. STAR Systems is also an international distributor of the STAR-RFID line of tamper-proof vehicle tags. For more information on the company, visit

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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