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DMVdesk is the Recognized Leader in eFiling Vehicle Software

DMVdesk, MotorVehicle Software Corporation’s (MVSC’s) award-winning automotiveregistration software, is proud to announce its quick rise to the top as thefirst choice in automotive dealership eFiling solutions. DMVdesk providesautomotive dealerships with improved reliability and streamlined workflow forthe vehicle registration process. Customers using DMVdesk include automotive,motorcycle and power sports dealerships, as well as junk & salvagebusinesses. With a 121 percent year over year franchise dealership growth,DMVdesk is the fastest growing private provider in the nation’s largest market.

In whatremains a growth industry, DMVdesk holds the highest new deal eFile rate at97.5%, as well as the highest DMV compliance rates. Also, it is the onlysolution to offer real-time registration and plate fulfillment to dealershipcustomers. Due to its solid reputation with the DMV, the need for its dealerpartners’ paperwork audits has been eliminated. “Working alongside the DMV andour partners in a smooth, effective manner has given dealerships throughoutCalifornia the ability to bring the DMV right into their own offices,” said DonArmstrong, President and CEO, MVSC. “Since inception, our innovations, alongwith the incomparable level of service and support provided to DMVdesk partners,have transformed the dealership industry in California.”

Serviceexcellence plays an integral role in DMVdesk’s success. Having the highestaccount executive-to-client ratio of any other provider translates intoextensive on-site training, monthly visits, and access to expertise locally.Furthermore, DMVdesk’s exceptional 24/7 support is delivered by some of themost highly trained experts in the industry. DMVdesk guarantees increaseddealer efficiencies with the fastest processing, professional training andsupport, and the best tracking and reporting features in the industry.

DMVdeskcurrently partners with more than 500 dealers in California, with some of thembeing the most well-known in the state such as Galpin Motors. Throughcontinuous innovation, DMVdesk delivers the most up-to-date and advancedsolutions to meet evolving industry needs. In fact, MVSC is currently expandingits services and solutions, including DMVdesk, nationwide and will use 2014 asa year to begin the rollout from West to East. Additional states will beannounced shortly with their intentions to utilize DMVdesk.

DMVdesk is an electronic vehicle registration solution that provides allcomponents to fulfill title and registration compliance support in order tomeet the needs of California’s automotive, power sports and motorcycledealerships. Motor Vehicle Software Corporation (MVSC) created DMVdesk, aproprietary technology solution that was developed to work in partnership withthe California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Engineered to provide speed,power and complete reliability, DMVdesk is a recognized leader in eFilingvehicle software, training and support across all motor vehicle categoriesthroughout California. DMVdesk is dedicated to assisting automotive dealershipsaccomplish higher deal compliance rates and streamline workflow processes. Formore information on DMVdesk, visit


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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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