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New Reinforcements for Lightweight Automotive Solutions

In response to the challenging demand of reducing vehicles weight, costs and cycle times, Chomarat presents to CAMX visitors its innovative carbon range C-PLY™ with a carbon roof panel for the Roding Roadster. Thanks to Chomarat’s innovative technologies combined with the latest technological advancements in an RTM process, and based on a PU system with short cycle times, composite parts are produced with an excellent surface quality directly out of the mold. “Indeed, Chomarat’s carbon reinforcements in automotive structures and external hang-on body panels requiring a class A finish, are efficient and competitive solutions. We have developed with our partners a solution saving time-consuming rework, which can amount up to 60% of the costs per component , says Francisco De Oliveira, Automotive Market Director at Chomarat.

C-PLY™ allows the development of new designs that are competitively priced and offer superior value via improved strength, reduced weight, and high quality surface finish.


C-PLY™, a carbon reinforcement also used in Aerospace and finalist to an Award for Composites Excellence at CAMX

Chomarat is also bringing to the forefront a ¼ scale version of the VX1-KittyHawk™, the aircraft made from C-Ply™.  Thanks to its unique shape made possible by C-PLY™, the hybrid aircraft designed by VX AEROSPACE minimizes its environmental footprint and competes in the CAMX Awards for Composites Excellence in the Design Category:  “The volume will also allow KittyHawk™ to lead the way in adopting CNG (compressed natural gas) as an aviation fuel. Existing technology CNG tanks fit inside the aircraft with no aerodynamic compromise.” says Bob Skillen, VX Aerospace’s CEO.

The first flight of the sub-scale aircraft took place in the US on June 6, 2014.


Innovation in glass reinforcement with ROVICORE™ FIRE RESISTANT

For railway and construction applications, Chomarat has developed ROVICORE FR (Fire Resistant) reinforcement that provides a solution for the manufacturing of fire-resistant composite parts and meets fire classification requirements. Especially adapted to Closed Mold processes, Rovicore FR is a glass fiber-based reinforcement, with a halogen free core.


Meet Chomarat team at CAMX booth 2683!

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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