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AT&T Connected Car Round-up from CES: Autonomous Driving, LTE comes to Honda, and more

AT&T Connected Car Round-up from CES: Autonomous Driving
AT&T are continuing to add connectivity to vehicles and are partnering across the industry to securely bring self-driving vehicles to reality

*         AT&T and American Honda Motor, Co. <>  are bringing 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity to Honda vehicles in the U.S. and Canada as part of an exclusive multi-year agreement. The AT&T network will connect HondaLink apps and services for vehicles, including navigation, streaming radio, diagnostics and remote lock / unlock.


*         AT&T is teaming up with the American Center for Mobility <>  to speed the development of self-driving vehicles. AT&T will serve as the Center’s exclusive cellular network provider through 2020, and the Center will provide an environment for further cross-industry collaboration to explore, create and safely test driverless technologies. In order for a car to be fully automated, the ability to “talk” to everything around it – other vehicles, city infrastructure, etc. – is necessary and AT&T will enable that connectivity in a secure manner.


*         AT&T, Delphi and Ford Debut Vehicle-to-Anything (V2X) advanced vehicle communications <>  to lay the foundation for the next generation of urban planning and safer driving. The platform will help vehicles “talk” with each other and smart cities infrastructure to improve safety and vehicle security, reduce traffic congestion, save money and protect the environment. The capabilities developed jointly by these companies are designed to monitor traffic conditions and notify drivers over the AT&T LTE network to approaching vehicles and events such as airbag deployment, vehicle collisions, hazardous road conditions, bad weather and wrong-way driving.