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AVATAR Partners Announces Easy-to-Use, Real-Time Virtual Workforce Collaboration

AVATAR Partners, a world-leading innovator in virtual, augmented and mixed reality (extended reality or XR,

collectively) software solutions for heavy-duty industry and defense, has introduced its new Avatar CONNECT solution. Avatar CONNECT is designed to deliver a highly user-friendly, robust and low-cost way to connect remote team members via real-time collaboration anywhere in the world and on any AR-enabled device.


Avatar CONNECT is a powerful AR-enabled remote workforce solution that dramatically improves design, field coordination, installation, project management, quality control and assurance, productivity, safety training, and maintenance for a wide range of applications across multiple markets.


“We are very excited about the opportunity that Avatar CONNECT can provide, especially in a time when working remotely is on the increase and effective support is a must for those frontline workers,” said AVATAR Partners CEO and Founder Marlo Brooke. “Our goal was to create a high-capability solution with the latest AR technology, in a form that takes minutes to set up and implement.”


Using mobile devices, on-premise team members can share real-time views of equipment and environments with up to 15 remote concurrent users in multiple locations. A unique 3D annotation feature enables teams and senior experts to virtually view and draw on objects in three dimensions using a tablet or remote PC to provide guidance for accomplishing a job right the first time.


Other features of Avatar CONNECT include:

– Ready to use in minutes with no development or training required

– AR combined with visual, audio and 3D annotation

– Enterprise-ready, high-quality resolution

– Support for unlimited concurrent sessions

– Built-in privacy with sessions not recorded on any server anywhere

– 3D spatial recognition to lock annotations on a target object while the user moves around a room or object

– Resizable and rotatable arrows, indicators and drawing tools

– User-controlled text entry anywhere on the screen for detailed information

– User-controlled color variants

– Photo capture to record relevant data for record-keeping and reuse with other users

– Platform agnostic to run on iOS/OS, Android and Windows 10

– Made and supported in the U.S.A.


Avatar CONNECT offers other noteworthy benefits including a multi-faceted “show me, tell me, guide me” approach to real-time AR that improves team performance while reducing delays and errors. In addition, with the increasing trend toward remote work, it can help eliminate travel costs and downtime.


For complete information on AVATAR Partners XR solutions and services, visit

About AVATAR Partners

AVATAR Partners provides world-leading virtual, augmented and mixed reality (i.e., extended reality) software with the mission of strengthening commercial industry and first-responder/warfighter readiness with XR solutions that increase safety, efficiency and effectiveness throughout the product life cycle and its digital twin. For the past 17 years, the company has developed and sustained innovative maintenance and training systems, job performance aids and other software products that incorporate artificial intelligence, sensors and haptic integration for hundreds of military and commercial equipment and aircraft applications, including program support and business process analysis for large initiatives such as the F-35 Joint Program Office. AVATAR Partners is the worlds only Unity partner with dual Platinum Reseller and Managed Delivery Partner status, It is a woman-owned small business based in Huntington Beach, California, with offices in Arlington and Virginia Beach, Virginia, along with AVATAR Ecosystem partners throughout the United States and Canada.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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