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ROHM Expands Lineup of Compact PMDE Package Diodes: Contributing to Application Miniaturization

ROHM Semiconductor announced the addition of 14 new models to their PMDE package (2.5mm × 1.3mm) lineup – meeting the requirements for smaller protection and switching circuits (RBxx8 Series, RFN Series, VS Series).

Diodes are used for rectification, protection and switching circuits in a wide range of applications such as automotive, industrial, and consumer fields. Additionally, there is an increasing need to reduce package size to minimize mounting area. At the same time, higher performance is required to reduce power consumption.

However, when decreasing package size, the surface area of the backside electrode and mold also becomes smaller, resulting in lower heat dissipation. To solve this disadvanPreview (opens in a new tab)tage, ROHM’s PMDE package improves heat dissipation performance by expanding the backside electrode and optimizing the heat dissipation path. This achieves the same electrical characteristics as those of conventional packages in a smaller package size.

ROHM’s proprietary compact PMDE package features a land pattern equivalent to that of the conventional SOD-323 type. Reviewing the backside electrode and heat dissipation path has allowed ROHM to achieve the same electrical characteristics (i.e., current, withstand voltage) as the standard SOD-123FL package (3.5mm × 1.6mm) in a smaller package size, contributing to board miniaturization by reducing mounting area by approximately 42%. Furthermore, mechanical strength is around 1.4 times higher than that of the SOD-123FL, reducing the risk of solder cracking when stress is applied to the board, ensuring greater mounting reliability.

The PMDE package lineup consists of eight models in the RBxx8 series of Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs), two models in the RFN series of fast recovery diodes (FRDs), and two models in the VS series of transient voltage suppressors (TVSs). A variety of circuit applications can be achieved with compact diodes.

Going forward, ROHM will strive to further improve the quality of its semiconductor devices, from low to high voltages, while strengthening its distinctive lineup to further reduce power consumption and achieve greater package miniaturization.

PMDE Package Products

The PMDE package offers the same electrical characteristics as the conventional SOD-123FL in a smaller package size, ensuring better heat dissipation performance and mounting reliability. In addition, all automotive-compatible part numbers are qualified under the AEC-Q101 standard for automotive reliability. ROHM’s new lineup of PMDE package products are listed below. (SBDs: RBR series only, in mass production from June 2021.)

1. SBDs: RBxx8 Series Features (New Products)
These SBDs deliver low VF together with high efficiency. Ten models in the PMDE package with breakdown voltages from 30V to 150V have been added to the RBxx8 series that provide ultra-low IR (reverse current) and can operate stably, even in high temperature environments.

2. SBDs: RBR Series Features (Announced in August 2021)
The RBR series balances the trade-off relationship between low VF, which is key to improving efficiency, and low IR (mass produced since June 2020). Six models in the series are available in the PMDE package.

3. FRDs: RFN Series Features (New Products)
FRDs provide high withstand voltage (up to 800V), equivalent to rectifier diodes, along with excellent trr (reverse recovery time), which is important for high frequency operation. The RFN series offers the same electrical characteristics as conventional products in a compact PMDE package.

4. TVS: VS Series Features (New Products)
TVS is a type of diode that absorbs the sudden voltage (surge voltage) that flows during engine startup or breakdown, then steps down to a constant voltage. The VS series supports a wide range of standoff voltages (VRWM) from 5V to 130V. (32 ranks of standoff voltages are offered between 5V and 130V.)

For details, please refer to the ROHM Product Lineup tables (attached to this press release).

Availability: In mass production, through online distributors Digi-key, Mouser, and Farnell.

Application Examples
RBxx8 Series (SBD)
Primary Applications: Rectification / switching
Examples: White goods, Notebook PCs, Car infotainment, Fan motors, Factory automation power supplies

RFN Series (FRD)
Primary Application: Switching
Examples: Engine ECUs, TVs, Air conditioners, Transmission ECUs, ADAS, Car infotainment

RBR Series (SBD)
Primary Applications: Rectification / switching
Examples: Onboard chargers, Car accessories, LED headlamps, Notebook PCs

VS Series (TVS)
Primary Application: Protection
Examples: Body/engine ECUs, Industrial inverters, LED headlamps

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