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CONTACT Software subsidiary FCMS turns into CAIQ GmbH

With the renaming, the subsidiary of the CONTACT Group is sharpening its profile as an independent specialist for virtual product development. Customers benefit from a comprehensive range of consulting and software services.

Since September 1, 2022, the Fast Concept Modelling & Simulation GmbH (FCMS) has been operating under the new name CAIQ GmbH. In 2020, CONTACT Software bundled the competencies of the simulation expert ISKO engineers under the umbrella of its subsidiary FCMS and has continuously expanded its consulting and software portfolio ever since.

With the new brand CAIQ – Computer Aided Creativity, the company underlines its position as an independent specialist in the field of virtual product development. “Our focus is on the use of state-of-the-art technologies that we embed in our customers’ digital development processes to achieve measurable added value,” says Michael Krause, Managing Director at CAIQ. Customers benefit from the company’s many years of expertise in engineering and product design.

The new brand image of CAIQ GmbH (formerly FCMS GmbH). (© CONTACT Software)

“With our application and process know-how, we provide companies with optimal, manufacturer-independent support for the use of different CAx systems,” Krause continues. Combining consulting services for improving development processes and methods with its own software tools for implementation, CAIQ builds bridges between design (CAD) and simulation (CAE). The combination of parametric CAD models with the Fast Concept Modeller (FCM) and the simulation management platform SIMWORX reduces time and costs in the development of complex structural parts by up to 60 percent.

The FCM enables fast and targeted functional validation of product models along the entire development phase. SIMWORX adds an important component for simulation data and process management to CONTACT’s low-code platform CONTACT Elements, allowing companies to connect any simulation tools. “We want to take product creation to the next level and enable engineers to get maximum efficiency out of their development environment,” Krause emphasizes.

The experts accompany their customers from the early stages to series production and the ongoing operation. CONTACT Elements is the central integration platform for storing all data from product development and evaluating it using numerical processes or artificial intelligence (AI) methods. Based on the digital twin, operating data from the field is recorded and analyzed in CONTAC’s IoT platform and can be used for the development of the next product generation in the sense of closed-loop engineering.

CAIQ works closely with CONTACT on a number of customer and research projects, such as the WIND IO joint project. The aim here is to increase the efficiency of wind farms through the digital analysis of operating data.

About CONTACT Software

CONTACT is the leading vendor of open standard software and open source pioneer for the product engineering process and the digital transformation. Our products make it easier to organize projects, execute processes reliably and collaborate with others around the world on the basis of virtual product models and their digital twins. Our open technology and Elements platform are ideal for integrating additional IT systems and the Internet of Things to create end-to-end business processes.