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CallRevu Launches ServiceVision To Maximize Customer Retention in Fixed Operations

CallRevu, the automotive industry’s best-selling conversation intelligence
platform, announced today the launch of its newly designed ServiceVision
solution, a Fixed Operations customer engagement tool. As part of the
CallRevu platform, ServiceVision enables Fixed Operations to enhance
proactive customer communications, improve employee shortages, increase
customer call answer rates, and other operational inefficiencies.

ServiceVision was developed specifically for Fixed Operations to ensure that
Service centers can meet their goals for high revenue repair order (RO)
opportunities. Additionally, ServiceVision helps streamline Service call
management and provides real-time alerts for immediate customer attention.
In addition, reporting within ServiceVision was designed for easy access,
at-a-glance analytics that offer actionable insights into mishandled
customer conversations to promote a long-term customer relationship with the

“Service departments are once again in high demand and we are seeing massive
changes occurring, such as service calls up 15% month-over-month since
January 2022,” said Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO of CallRevu. “With the ongoing
inventory challenges and atypical vehicle pricing, service appointments are
rising, causing a strain due to staffing shortages. ServiceVision was
designed to alleviate the pressures service advisors and managers are
experiencing with call tracking and management solutions.”

CallRevu’s ServiceVision new enhanced features include:

*       Artificial intelligence transcribes and analyzes every Service call
*       Real-time alerts based on service keywords for identifying high
revenue RO opportunities, missed calls, repeat callers, – status checks and
*       At-a-glance dashboard reporting and metrics
*       Caller identification
*       Complete caller and advisor sentiment analysis
*       Keyword identification and alerts
*       Call trend analytics to support staffing needs

“The CallRevu platform was built to help dealerships increase customer
retention by giving sales and service teams the tools they need to better
manage their dealership calls and customer expectations. Every call should
be answered, captured accurately to maintain a documented conversation
history, and addressed the customer’s inquiry in a timely manner. This
ensures every customer receives a high level of customer satisfaction. How
you manage your caller engagement will have an impact on customer retention
and earning the consumers’ trust,” said Giagnacovo.

About CallRevu
CallRevu is the only call management solution made in a dealership for
dealerships. CallRevu listens to your calls so you don’t have to and alerts
you within minutes to mishandled sales opportunities, potential CSI issues,
even phone routing and connectivity problems. Our call monitoring service
helps dealers around the U.S. and Canada convert calls into appointments to
improve the bottom line. We track, listen, summarize, alert, report, and
coach on all phone data analytics to help dealers drive more
call-to-appointment conversions. To learn more and schedule a demo, please

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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