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Morgan and Malle London extend their collaboration through the creation of the ultimate adventure ready Super 3

Morgan Motor Company widens its collaboration with Malle London to create the ultimate adventure ready Super 3. Featuring several bespoke details, engineered by the Morgan Motor Company special projects division, this Super 3 participated as a support vehicle in the Great Malle Mountain Rally, taking on a challenging 1,500-mile route across the Alps in September.

Working collaboratively, Morgan and Malle have created the ultimate road trip Super 3, celebrating the models adventurous character. The Morgan x Malle Super 3 is one of the very first production Super 3 to roll off the line at the Morgan factory. The Super 3 is finished in Sport Black with a contrast white cowl, yellow fly screens, and an all-black interior, presenting a contrasting and purposeful aesthetic.

A side-mounted LED searchlight, a CB radio with long-range antenna, and a specially designed Malle support vehicle livery, provide the most striking visual adaptations. Further, and much more discreet, adaptations have been made to include additional accessory rails and camera mounting points, as well as a flagpole mount fitted to the rear roll hoop, a must have feature for a Malle support vehicle.

Super 3 is the latest three-wheeled model from Morgan, and one of the most distinctive vehicles the company has ever built. Hand built on the same Malvern site as all Morgan vehicles since 1914, the Super 3 features an entirely new design language to offer new levels of character, thrill, and adventure; principles that have defined Morgan’s three-wheeled product since the company’s beginning 113 years ago. Launched earlier in 2022, the first Super 3 are now in production, with demonstrators arriving in UK and European dealerships throughout October. Customers can select from an almost endless configuration of colourways and accessories, ensuring that each Super 3 is as individual as its owner.

The Great Malle Mountain Rally 2022

The inaugural Great Malle Mountain Rally was introduced for 2022 following the success of the UK-based Great Malle Rally. Taking place in September of this year, the Malle Mountain Rally was the longest motorcycle rally ever attempted across the entire Alps Mountain range. 75 riders from around the world completed the 1500-mile journey through six countries in six days. Two Morgan Super 3s completed the 1500-mile journey as support vehicles for the 75 intrepid explorers, with the special adventure ready Malle Super 3 leading riders out at the start of each stage.

Morgan x Malle

The collaboration between Morgan Motor Company and Malle London began during the design of Super 3. The Super 3 features sideblades that have been specially adapted for luggage, allowing the two companies to work together to develop purpose-built motorcycle style panniers, available as an option on Super 3. In addition to panniers, the Morgan x Malle Driver’s Collection was developed alongside Super 3. The collection includes a jacket and knee guard with a rugged and durable design, suitable for the most extreme adventures, available now from the Morgan shop.

Jonathan Wells, Chief Design Officer, Morgan Motor Company, commented “The creation of the Morgan and Malle Super 3 support vehicle provides the focal point for what is a hugely exciting collaboration. We envisioned so many use cases for the Super 3 during its inception, so it’s rewarding to see some of them start to come to life.

“We have been working with Malle London from the outset of the Super 3 project. Malle’s spirit for adventure and desire to create functional yet beautiful products aligned with our own ethos.

“Watching Super 3 take on some of the most challenging Alpine routes has been incredible, such adventures perfectly represent the way owners have adopted Morgan’s three-wheeled models.”

Robert Nightingale, Founder, Malle London, commented “Ever since we had the first opportunity to work with the Morgan team on the exciting Super 3 collaboration, we’ve all been waiting patiently to take Super 3 out into the wildest terrain we could get to, and our Great Malle Mountain Rally was the perfect landscape for a real Super 3 adventure!

“Documenting an endurance rally of this magnitude and complexity was always going to be a challenge – 1500 miles, six countries in six days, across all of the highest and wildest mountain passes in the Alps – if our photographers were on motorcycles, they’d be constantly struggling to get ahead of the rally to stop, set up and shoot the riders as they pass. If they were on four-wheels they’d get left behind by the motorcycles almost immediately – two wheels always avoid four wheels on the road. With Super 3, we had the opportunity to create a unique and perfect support vehicle that enabled our team, photographers and film-makers to really get amongst the rally riders, safely and closer than ever. With the driver focused on the road, the photographer can focus on the rally adventure and document the rally experience around them like never before. In Super 3, you’re not hidden behind a windscreen, or in a box, you’re part of the landscape, part of everything around you and at one with the moment.

“The Morgan x Malle Rally spec Super 3 was the perfect tool for the job and we seriously put it through its paces. Having personally driven over 3000 miles in the Super 3 over the last few weeks, with 736 miles in one day, I’ve driven it in storms, clouds, and ice. From -4C (the heated seats are a godsend) and in glorious Mediterranean sunshine up to 37C, it’s always a completely unique driving experience. First and foremost, it’s really, really fun to drive. What we didn’t expect was people’s responses; wherever you go, from London, to mountain villages, to Monaco, people smile, wave and greet you with such excitement. Fun creates fun.”

About Morgan Motor Company:

Morgan Motor Company has been handcrafting sports cars since 1909 and is one of the world’s pre-eminent coachbuilders. Pioneering its unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, every Morgan is handmade to order.

The historic home of Morgan is at Pickersleigh Road in Malvern Link, Worcestershire. This is the only place in the world where Morgan cars are built. Steeped in history, the hallowed red brick buildings are home to one of the most unique automotive production facilities in the world.

Morgan sports cars are hand crafted using three core elements: ash, aluminium, and leather. Every car is entirely unique, built to the highest standards by passionate craftsmen and women, whose skills are handed down through generations and perfected over a lifetime, bringing together heritage, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.

Morgan’s model line-up comprises Super 3, Plus Four and Plus Six. Characterised by its analogue driving experience, whichever model you choose, every journey in a Morgan is an adventure.

About Malle London

Malle works at the intersection of adventure and transportation, creating the most refined and contemporary British adventure accessories, that enable the adventure by design. It exclusively uses the most refined natural British materials, from Scottish waxed canvas, luxurious leather and merino wool, that are incorporated into the design with innovation in mind, smart and intuitive design features blend with its unique and hard-wearing materials to create modern pieces, that are timeless and embody British utilitarian style.

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