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INFORM Announces Justin Newell as Chief Executive Officer, INFORM North America

NFORM, a global software provider for AI driven Digital Decision-Making
optimizing business operations, headquartered in Aachen, Germany, announced
today the promotion of Justin Newell to Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
INFORM North America. He succeeds INFORM North America founder and Chairman,
Adrian Weiler, who will continue in his role as ongoing advisor to the CEOs
across all INFORM Group entities, as well as serving as a representative of
the organization in leading industry associations and conferences. In
addition to his new role as CEO of INFORM North America, Newell will retain
his role as Chief Operating Officer, which he has held since January 2019,
and as CEO emphasize profitable growth of INFORM’s business in North America
by delivering INFORM’s Hybrid AI-based decision-making technologies.

As CEO of INFORM North America, Newell will continue to focus on business
development in North America with a primary emphasis on key sectors. These
.       Automotive – Finished Vehicle Logistics and Intelligent Inbound
Truck Supply Control as well as Time Slot Management;
.       Aviation – Ground Handling and Workforce Optimization;
.       Supply Chain – Inventory Optimization and Demand Planning;
.       Logistics – Dispatch Optimization in Construction Materials,
Returnable Container Management as well as Intermodal/Maritime/Yard
Management Solutions;
.       Financial Industry – Fraud Prevention and Risk Management; and
.       Manufacturing -Production Planning.

Additionally, he will continue his focus on developing the INFORM North
American-based project delivery teams. In performing his role, Newell will
continue to consult with Weiler and collaborate with the CEOs both in INFORM
headquarters and across the other INFORM entities globally.

In discussing his new appointment, Newell said, “I was fortunate to have
been recruited by Adrian and to directly work with him over the past four
years. His mentorship, guidance and friendship have created a very rewarding
atmosphere that has helped me contribute to the substantial growth of INFORM
in North America. Adrian’s strategic vision and guidance will continue to be
a resource as we continue to grow our revenue and overall capabilities in
this very strategic market.”

Newell continued, “I am looking forward to assuming my new responsibilities
as CEO of INFORM North America. Over the past few years, and despite the
challenges brought on by the global pandemic, climate change and
socio-economic developments, INFORM has advanced its mission and supported
the increased profitability, process optimization, and crisis resilience for
North American companies in diverse industries. Applying our Hybrid AI-based
decision-making technologies, we also are enabling our customers to meet
their sustainability goals by optimizing their operations and maximizing
their vehicle, equipment, and human resources.”
Newell came to INFORM after having successfully performed in senior level
roles with such leading brands as Reliable Carriers, Inc, Porsche Cars North
America Inc., and Genuine Parts Company (NAPA). At that time, INFORM’s North
American customer base was predominantly within the aviation industry, which
it had been since 1992. Under the direction of Weiler, Newell’s role as COO
was to focus on growing the Manufacturing Logistics (Automotive), Logistics
(Maritime, Terminal, Intermodal and Distribution Centers) and Fraud
Prevention business.

Newell added, “Over the past four years, the automotive and finished vehicle
logistics area has grown immensely and is now INFORM’s second largest in
revenue in North America following aviation. Our fraud prevention business
is also on a trajectory for excellent growth opportunities as we have placed
a large focus on strategic partnership alliances with companies such as
Huron and will continue to pursue other valuable partners when doing so
would complement our capabilities and target growth areas.”

As evidence of its growth, INFORM recently entered contracts with leading
companies such as AMPORTS, a leader in the global automotive service
industry and one of the largest auto processors in North America; Norfork
Southern’s Rossville and Austell terminals; VinFast, a leading manufacturer
of smart electric vehicles (EVs); and Volkswagen Group of America, as well
as a strategic partnership with the Huron Consulting Group, among others.

Dr. Andreas Meyer, INFORM Group CEO noted that, “INFORM has established a
strategic global footprint with an international presence that includes our
headquarters in Aachen, Germany and our subsidiary in Lisbon, Portugal; our
South American subsidiaries in Santiago, Chile and Sao Paulo, Brazil; and
our Asia-Pacific subsidiaries in Sydney, Australia and Singapore, as well as
our North American organization in Atlanta, Georgia. We have been very
selective in establishing strong executives to lead our organization across
our global network. As a result, we have been realizing steady growth and a
loyal customer base that has experienced the high value and return on their
INFORM optimization software investments many times over. Our focus will
continue to be one of internationalization as we realize there are many
organizations that have yet to embrace INFORM’s Hybrid AI technology
including Machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic and Operations Research that clearly
are needed to compete effectively in today’s marketplace.”

INFORM develops software for the optimization of business processes using
Digital Decision Making based on Artificial Intelligence and Operations
Research. The company supplements classic IT systems and increases the
profitability and resilience of many companies. While data management
software only provides information, INFORM systems can analyze large amounts
of data in a matter of seconds, calculate numerous planning variants and
suggest the best possible solution to the user for execution, often in
real-time. Today, more than 900 software engineers, data analysts and
consultants support more than 1,000 customers worldwide in manufacturing,
trade, airports, ports, logistics, banks, telecommunication, and insurance
companies. Planning and execution processes are optimized in many business
operations, like sales planning, production scheduling, supply chain and
inventory optimization, staff deployment, logistics and transport
management, and financial crime fighting in banking, insurance, and

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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