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Creating the safer sustainable batteries of tomorrow – Meet Henkel at the Battery Show Europe 2023

As a global leader in automotive adhesives, sealants, thermal materials and
functional coatings, Henkel Adhesive Technologies is proud to be returning
to the Battery Show Europe – held in Stuttgart, Germany from May 23-25.
Visitors to the Henkel booth (Hall 10, Stand G10) can learn more about
leading-edge battery safety materials, thermal interface materials,
adhesives and sealants, dielectric coatings, and conductive electrode
coatings. As well as presenting solutions for the manufacture of safer,
longer-lasting and higher performing batteries, Henkel is focusing improving
sustainability, through debondable adhesives that facilitate repair, re-use
and recyclability. In addition to meeting and learning from Henkel experts
at the booth, and during a live product showcase, Henkel will be
participating in the Battery Show Conference: Dr. Keon Lee, Henkel’s global
expert on EV battery systems, innovation and product development will be
hosting a session on using advanced materials in the design of safer

“A fundamental understanding of EV battery thermal runaways and the main
triggers behind them is essential for creating and implementing the best
solutions to tackle them”, says Dr. Keon Lee, Battery Expert and Senior
Manager Product Development at Henkel. “I am excited to speak at the Battery
Show Europe Conference this year where I will be sharing many insights about
Henkel’s journey to enable EV passenger safety with advanced materials.”

Battery safety and thermal propagation prevention
Helping OEMs and battery manufacturers develop safer batteries is a key
focus area for Henkel, which is innovating new materials and solutions to
support this critical requirement. Thermal propagation prevention materials
are vital in protecting the EV passengers from the risk of fire and
providing sufficient time to exit a vehicle in the case of fire. Henkel’s
battery safety materials include fire protection pads, fire protection
coatings and potting materials.

Thermal interface materials
Thermal management is a key enabler for efficient and safe battery systems.
This remains just as critical in both conventional cell-to-module designs
and the latest cell-to-pack designs. To support OEMs and battery
manufacturers’ take on this challenge, Henkel has developed a comprehensive
and innovative portfolio of thermal interface materials that includes
thermal gap fillers, thermally conductive adhesives and thermal gap pads
that are suitable for all different types of battery designs and

Adhesives and sealants
Advanced adhesives are vital for efficient manufacture of battery packs and
modules that can meet the rigorous stresses of automotive applications. They
are also the key to greater sustainability by facilitating repairs and
serviceability. Henkel is meeting these demands with its wide range of
structural adhesives for bonding elements of the battery pack housing,
semi-structural adhesives to assemble cells to the module, adhesives for
battery cell assembly, as well as serviceable gasketing materials which seal
and protect the battery pack but also allow for reopening for second life
applications and recycling.

Dielectric coatings
Henkel will showcase its range of dielectric coatings. Typically applied at
the outer surface of the battery cell case as a replacement for PET-foil,
these enable fast UV light curing at room temperature while delivering high
dielectric strength and structural performance. Thanks to Henkel’s
comprehensive approach to creating automotive solutions, the coatings have
been designed to ensure high compatibility with Henkel’s thermal and
structural adhesives.

Conductive electrode coatings
To improve the overall lifetime performance and range of the battery, Henkel
offers conductive electrode coatings. Applied to the inside of the battery
cell, they reduce the internal electrical resistance of the cell and
increase the adhesion of the active material to the electrodes for both
lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and lithium nickel manganese cobalt (NMC)
battery cells.

Hear directly from Henkel experts
As the focal point for Europe’s battery value chain, the Battery Show
Conference provides an unmissable opportunity to hear industry thought
leaders share their insights into current best practices and the innovations
that will transform tomorrow. On May 24, Henkel will be part of the
conference’s “Battery Design and Management” track. Dr. Keon Lee, Henkel’s
global expert on battery systems, innovation and product development will
host a session entitled “How to test and design a safe battery system with
advanced materials?”

“The Henkel E-Mobility team is proud to be helping our customers with our
know-how on reliable and cost-efficient large-scale manufacturing with
performance-driven and high-impact solutions. This year at the Battery Show
Europe, we are very happy to meet our customers to showcase Henkel’s
comprehensive solution portfolio for different EV battery designs. This will
include our latest exciting innovations for new cell-to-pack designs with
our thermally conductive adhesives, dielectric coatings and debondable
adhesives for example”, says Frank Kerstan, Head of E-Mobility Europe at

Henkel will also be hosting a special “live product showcase” at the booth
on 24 May at 11.00 am which will present the company’s latest innovations
and solutions for EV battery systems.

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