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Elywhere and Pratexo Join Forces to Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Elywhere, an industry-leading innovator in electric vehicle charging
infrastructure, provides semi-mobile, rapidly deployed, and high-power
charging stations with large, integrated battery packs. This groundbreaking
design enables the stations to deliver multiple 150kW charging sessions
without relying on high-power grid connectivity, democratizing high-power
charging, especially in rural areas. Additionally, the charging stations
serve as a platform for further innovation, facilitating the integration of
green power sources like solar energy and enabling national power balancing

Elywhere has forged a strategic partnership with Pratexo, the preeminent
edge-to-cloud computing platform provider, to bring this innovative solution
to life. This collaboration synergizes the exceptional capabilities of
Elywhere’s cutting-edge charging stations with Pratexo’s pioneering
edge-to-cloud computing platform and advanced demand and response
applications. By intelligently managing power distribution between the grid,
local power production, and batteries, this partnership enables optimized
high-power charging sessions that address the increasingly demanding
requirements of electric vehicle users and grid operators.

“Elywhere’s semi-mobile charging stations represent a significant leap
forward in enabling fast charging anywhere, regardless of grid limitations,”
said Kenneth Hauge, CEO of Elywhere. “By partnering with Pratexo, we can
unlock the full potential of our charging infrastructure by harnessing the
power of edge computing. This collaboration allows us to optimize control,
monitoring, and power balancing at the charging stations in real time,
enhancing the charging experience for EV drivers while minimizing our impact
on the grid.”

Pratexo’s edge computing platform enables Elywhere’s charging stations to
leverage system and sensor data from the DC-charging system, battery system,
and other relevant sources, including historical data, charging car details,
weather and traffic data, and environmental sensors. This contextualized
data enables real-time applications such as control, demand response,
monitoring, and power balancing, even in offline scenarios where connecting
to central cloud-based applications is unreliable or impossible. Pratexo
also develops operational cloud applications and monitoring systems for the
charging network, as well as dashboards for charge point operators.

“As the provider of the most advanced edge-to-cloud solution acceleration
platform, Pratexo facilitates the global electrification movement,” stated
Blaine Mathieu, CEO of Pratexo. “Our collaboration with Elywhere combines
their expertise in EV charging infrastructure with our edge computing
capabilities, enabling smarter control and optimization of EV charging
systems in real time. We are proud to be part of Elywhere’s mission to drive
EV adoption and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

The collaboration between Elywhere and Pratexo allows for expanding features
and flexibility within the charging infrastructure. Future integrations with
local power production, building energy management, peak shaving, and
participation in flexibility markets will streamline the charging process
for drivers and minimize the impact on the grid, contributing to enhanced
stability and efficiency.

Pratexo’s edge platform represents an exceptionally adaptable solution
within different virtual power plant ecosystems. Its hardware-agnostic
nature accommodates a wide array of computing hardware, charging systems,
batteries, central cloud services, and other electrical power components.
This characteristic empowers Elywhere’s charging stations with unparalleled
flexibility to incorporate different hardware components into future
charging systems and rapidly expand into other solutions within the energy

In addition to its core applications in charging infrastructure, the Pratexo
platform enables the utilization of new data sources for innovative use
cases such as content delivery to marketing boards, site surveillance, and
customer communication applications.

About Pratexo, Inc.: Pratexo is the edge solution acceleration platform
required to electrify the world by bringing the power of cloud computing to
the industrial edge. Based on open and proven technologies, Pratexo edge
micro clouds are flexible, scalable, private, and secure – and Pratexo’s
low-code Studio reduces the time to value for complex projects from months
to days.

About Elywhere AS: Elywhere is an innovative Norwegian company at the
forefront of revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
With a mission to break down barriers to widespread EV adoption and enable
fast charging anywhere, they have developed the groundbreaking ES360 Super
Charger. These mobile, battery, and grid-powered fast charging stations are
specifically designed for locations with high EV charging demand and limited
spare grid capacity for charger installations. By providing an intelligent
solution, the ES360 Super Charger effectively multiplies the maximum power
available for fast charging, significantly contributing to a more
sustainable future.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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