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Sustain.Life Partners with MHP | A Porsche Company to Revolutionize Carbon Management and ESG in the Americas

Sustain.Life proudly announces its strategic alliance with MHP | A Porsche
Company in the Americas region. MHP is one of the leading IT and management
consulting companies in the areas of mobility and manufacturing, bringing
expertise from Germany to the United States. This alliance expands MHP
America’s offerings in climate action to enable all clients to shape a
better tomorrow.

Through this alliance, MHP’s clients will gain access to a suite of carbon
accounting, ESG administration, and emissions reduction technology and
services, along with a wealth of resources to help them measure, manage, and
report on their organization’s footprint.

“We are thrilled to partner with MHP | A Porsche Company, a premiere leader
in IT and management consulting. This collaboration marks a significant
milestone in our ongoing commitment to provide organizations with the tools
and resources for precise carbon management,” said Annalee Bloomfield, CEO
at Sustain.Life. “By integrating MHP’s expertise across IT and consulting,
we can significantly bolster our capacity to guide our clients through the
complex landscape of decarbonization, especially as global climate
regulations take shape.”

“Ferry Porsche said, ‘those lucky enough to build a business out of their
dream owe it to the world to be the caretakers of dreams.’ MHP Americas is
proud to join Sustain.Life in their dream of enabling climate action in
every business,” said Paul Prehl, Head of R&D Transformation &
Sustainability and Digital Responsibility at MHP Americas. “This partnership
represents a huge step toward our vision to help businesses create digital
futures with sustainable impact for the world.”

As the sustainability and ESG landscape rapidly progresses, digital
transformation experts are key enablers in elevating ESG and carbon
accounting through all decision-making levels of an organization. Innovative
tools and platforms fill this crucial shop floor to top floor gap,
streamlining the inception of carbon accounting and climate action
initiatives for companies. Leveraging data insights, companies gain lucidity
on carbon reduction strategies and the roadmap to net-zero emissions.
Sustainable practices yield multifaceted dividends, encompassing cost
efficiency, business expansion, and enhanced investment appeal.

About Sustain.Life

Sustain.Life is the SaaS platform – and Certified B CorporationTM – that
helps future-proof companies by decarbonizing and taking climate action.
Launched in 2021, Sustain.Life provides ESG and carbon accounting tools that
empower organizations to embrace sustainability, manage and mitigate carbon
emissions, reduce costs, and stand out to customers, investors, and other

About MHP | A Porsche Company

MHP | A Porsche Company is one of the leading consulting companies and a
subsidiary of Porsche AG. With the perfect blend of management and IT
consulting, MHP draws from its automotive roots to revolutionize the fields
of mobility and manufacturing using a closed loop approach. From shop floor
to top floor to customer engagement, MHP is building digital futures with
sustainable impact for the world.

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Thu. April 18th, 2024

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