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Here’s everything there is to know from participants at the record-breaking 2023 edition of Automechanika Shanghai

There was a clear sense of celebration at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) as the global automotive industry returned to the city for the 18th edition of Automechanika Shanghai. While many rejoiced in the achievements from 2023, the focus quickly shifted towards the future, as both buyers and suppliers engaged in discussions about potential partnerships in the year ahead. The emphasis on collaboration and knowledge sharing was particularly praised, as showcases and fringe events fostered a collective understanding of the industry’s ongoing trajectory.

Key figures from Automechanika Shanghai 2023:

  • Onsite visitors: 185,284 from 177 countries and regions, representing a 16 percent and 19 percent increment from all-time high records, respectively
  • Exhibitors: 5,652 from 41 countries and regions
  • Scale: over 300,000 sqm
  • 77 fringe events
  • 16 country and region pavilions
  • Online visits through AMS Live: over 870,000 page views

This year, Automechanika Shanghai opened its doors to 185,284 visitors from 177 countries and regions, which was widely seen as an inflexion point for reconnecting international markets with China’s automotive industry. Delighted with the results, Ms Fiona Chiew, General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, exclaimed: “The overwhelming surge of participation indicates the show’s continued significance in the automotive industry, not just for China but globally too, providing a gateway for information exchange, marketing, trade and education.”

In fact, with international travel back to normality, overseas visitor attendance reached new records in terms of volume and internationality. The fair saw the highest visitation from countries and regions, including Malaysia, Taiwan, India, South Korea, Türkiye, Thailand, Brazil, the UAE, Australia and Germany (in descending order). “Looking ahead, we firmly believe that our role and support will expand as we anticipate a flourish of collaboration across the ecosystem. This increased integration will be driven by the global community’s acknowledgment of the ongoing energy transition and the inevitable shift towards electrification and connectivity,” Ms Chiew added.

The internationalism was also reflected on the show floor. Amongst the 5,652 exhibitors, global representation came from 41 countries and regions, including 16 pavilions from France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Türkiye, the UAE, the UK, and the US.

Ms Li Zhang, General Manager of China National Machinery Industry International Co Ltd, remarked on the coverage of world-class exhibits: “We recognise that market players will use the global innovations at Automechanika Shanghai to advance the automotive industry further. In the Chinese market, we expect to see another leap in NEV production and sales of over 13 million units[1] as the country’s charging infrastructure and supportive government policies accelerate the adoption. Moreover, the rapid progress of AI, sensor technology, and connectivity is charting a course towards enhanced vehicle autonomy, safety, and efficiency. Moving forward, we will assume more responsibility in promoting the advanced development of the automotive industry by continuing to provide better trade fair services.”

In this regard, all areas of the Innovation4Mobility Showcase proved immensely popular as visitors carefully explored product showcases and tuned into the array of presentations. The Innovation4Mobility Mainstage, containing a forum area, networking lounge, start-up arena and product showcase, revealed advancements in manufacturing, the NEV and connected vehicle value chain, and sustainability. Leading companies such as Ambarella, Nanyue, VIE, and Fulin Precision displayed hydrogen-related products, automotive chips, new energy vehicle power systems, raw materials for power batteries, and wireless charging. In addition, the Future Mobility Area featured advancements in NEVs, hydrogen technology, advanced connectivity, and autonomous driving, which Dongfeng Huashen, Dongshi, Hyvitech and Youkong presented.

Elsewhere, the Green Repair Area focused on the NEV aftermarket by covering infrastructure, skilled labour, equipment and accessories. Speakers from GiPA, IMI British Automotive Industry Association, Shandong German New Energy, ZF, and more addressed hot topics about the overseas new energy after-sales markets, talent training, incorporation of industry and education, and training on NEV maintenance technologies. The new Customising x Tech Area also explored automotive personalisation, showcasing a range of customised car models, infotainment, and lighting solutions.

In fact, all seven sectors at the show weaved in this concept as exhibitors went to great lengths to address many of the transformations currently prevailing in the automotive industry. For example, companies like Aion, Ambarella, Bosch, Horizon, Huirun, Launch, Mahle, PHINIA, REPT BATTERO, Rheinmetall, Unity and ZF made a firm stance of embracing the future landscape by not only emphasising breakthrough technologies but also upgrades to traditional solutions. Buyers expressed that the range was extremely important while the market is in a state of transition.

Other key exhibitors comprised of ADVANCE, Amsoil, BASF, Biaobang Car Care, Bilstein, BOTNY, Brembo, Bright, Carzone, CELETTE, COPTON, Corghi, Dali, Dayco, Doublestar, EAE, Eagle-Fly, Elringklinger, Enoch, Eurofren, Febi, Gaochang, Goodyear, ITW, JeKunAuto, Jrone, Juncheng, Liqui Moly, MAXIEYE, MAXIMA, New SORL, SANGSIN BRAKE, SATA, Sensata, Sino-Italian Taida, Stellantis, Tech, THINKCAR, TMD, Tongrun, TotalEnergies, Wanda BOTO, Welion, Winhere, Yong Ming, Zero Mileage Lubricant, and Zhongchuang, to name a few.


Furthermore, attendees applauded the debut of the International Automotive Industry Conference 2023 Presented by Automechanika Shanghai, as it mirrored many of the themes around the exhibition. The conference series (one main conference and five related events) formed part of the 77 fringe programme events taking place over the four days. Across the board, speakers explained how the industrial chain, integration and collaboration, in addition to policies and regulations, are shaping the future automotive environment. Many audience members enjoyed listening to different perspectives, especially with overseas participants sharing their experiences in a variety of markets.

The show also received vast attention from both trade and mass media, with viewership of value-added activities and livestreaming surpassing the 40 million mark in domestic and overseas channels.


Feedback from exhibitors


“This marks Bosch’s 13th participation in Automechanika Shanghai, and our theme for this year is ‘Let’s Shape a New Era of Mobility. Together.’ We are excited to unveil our latest aftermarket solution for NEVs, aligning seamlessly with the key themes of the exhibition. As a leading global supplier of technology and services, Bosch remains commitments to enhancing investment and is accelerating our strategic deployment in key areas such as NEVs, offering tailored new product and services. With a global footprint, we can assist Chinese brands in accessing overseas markets through our parts, diagnostics, and global aftermarket service network.”

Ms Peimin Peng, Sales Vice President of Manufacturer China, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket

(Parts & Components)

“Apart from domestic regions, attendees at our booth also represented the overseas interests of Belt and Road countries, Europe, and North America. The exhibition showcased prominent trends within the industry, with a particular emphasis on integrating topics such as new energy and electrification. This convergence proved highly beneficial, facilitating the acquisition of the latest market insights while concurrently promoting our products. These efforts are essential in ensuring our alignment with the dynamic evolution of the industry’s landscape.”

Ms Olivia Zhang, Director of Marketing and Corporate Customer Relations, AOKLY Group

(Parts & Components)


“As a start-up company, we aim to utilise the platform and global resources provided by Automechanika Shanghai to enhance our market presence. The show comprehensively encompasses the entire automotive supply chain, drawing attention from across the country, Asia, and beyond. This lets us observe the market’s development first-hand, meet with industry peers, and gain valuable insights.”

Mr Jiangfeng Zhang, Chief Executive Officer, Zhejiang YiGongLi Intelligent Technology Co Ltd

(Diagnostics & Repair / Body & Paint)


“Automechanika Shanghai is a prime gathering to summarise the financial year as well as look for future business opportunities. It provides a valuable opportunity to speak with both current and potential customers, facilitating discussions about our product development. This year, we met with visitors from the Middle East and South America, some of whom placed orders on the spot.”

Ms Jenny Shen, Sales Director, Shandong Juncheng Metal Technology Co Ltd

(Tyres & Wheels)



“The Innovation4Mobility Mainstage provides traditional equipment manufacturers with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with AI SoC innovative technologies and their applications. We hope that companies from the aftermarket will utilise these new inventions to catalyse further technological advancements. Afterall, Automechanika Shanghai serves as an effective guide for industry trends and integrates high-quality industry resources.”

Ms Vivian Yan, Marketing Director, Ambarella Shanghai Co Ltd

(Tomorrow’s Service & Mobility and Innovation4Mobility Showcase)


“This is our first time participating in Automechanika Shanghai. The fair has a great reputation and attracts a sizeable overseas congregation, which we believe will help with our overseas expansion. Through the combination of exhibiting in the Tomorrow’s Service & Mobility sector and presenting at the Innovation4Mobility Mainstage, we can enhance our company’s visibility in the NEV market by engaging with new customers and networking with other industry peers. I am confident that we can achieve our participation goals and wider objectives through the platform.”

Mr Chen Zhang, Brand Manager, REPT BATTERO Energy Co Ltd

(Tomorrow’s Service & Mobility and Innovation4Mobility Showcase)


Feedback from visitors

“As a leading spare parts distributor in Europe, we have assembled 15 representatives to participate in the show, aiming to engage with our existing suppliers and explore new business opportunities. The discussions held so far have been highly promising, particularly regarding the advancements observed during my previous visit to China in 2019. The evident progress in production processes, marked by a shift towards heightened automation and improved product quality, is a positive indicator for potential collaborations.”

Mr Radostaw Rote, Team Manager, Purchasing Department, PKW

“The business matching service at Automechanika Shanghai is of high value-add. Its straightforward and efficient format saves us significant time in procuring new products from suppliers at the show. Overall, the trade fair is a very good fit for us due to the high internationalism, comprehensive industry coverage, and the presence of professional, high-quality parts and components suppliers.”

Ms Alisa Yang, Executive Director of Chengdu Zhongxinhai Industrial Group Co Ltd

“The Green Repair Area provided a comprehensive overview of the latest diagnostic and repair technologies for intelligent and new energy vehicles. We gained valuable insights into new energy vehicle development and intend to share these insights with our member companies for further in-depth exchanges.”

Ms Fengying Gao, Executive Vice President of Shanxi Automotive Maintenance Repair Trade Association


“Industry friends informed me that the show is a valuable information source. The New Energy Vehicle Sustainable Development Forum 2023 proved incredibly insightful due to the current industry focus on environmental protection, which is closely linked to the development of new energy in the automotive sector. The discussion on battery recycling during today’s session was particularly enlightening for me, as I anticipate its increasing relevance for the operations of my 4S store in the future.”
Mr Wang Chunyu, After Sales Manager, Beijing Huayang Shuntong Automobile Sales and Service Co Ltd

Feedback from speakers


“Carbon peaking and neutrality are widely discussed environmental topics in the automotive industry. The applications of green solutions in China are vast. For example, many domestic enterprises have started engaging in lithium battery recycling. In addition, the hydrogen energy industry in the Netherlands has also noticed the opportunities and has begun to bring technologies to the domestic market. I think this forum’s theme was very relevant as the lithium battery industry is becoming more mature, and hydrogen energy is beginning to take off. Combining these two topics can complement one another as sharing and panel discussions generate new ideas.”
Mr Frank Liu, Liaison Officer China, PIB HyNed

(The New Energy Vehicle Sustainable Development Forum 2023)


“Presenting at the Innovation4Mobility Mainstage was a very fruitful experience as I was able to explain the applications of additive manufacturing in the automotive industry to a highly professional audience. It can help to promote our company’s brand image to the right customers. In fact, there are many ways to incorporate 3D printing into the manufacturing process, which can improve both efficiency and quality at lower costs. Therefore, it is important to have platforms like Automechanika Shanghai for those looking to upgrade their production processes to truly understand the benefits.”
Mr John Lyu, Technical Manager, Bright Laser Technologies (Shanghai) Co Ltd

(Innovation4Mobility Mainstage)


The next edition of Automechanika Shanghai will take place from 2 to 5 December 2024. The show is organised by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and the China National Machinery Industry International Co Ltd (Sinomachint). Please contact Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd on + 852 2802 7728, visit or email for further enquiries.

[1] 2024 Global New Energy Vehicle Market Outlook, Oct 2023, Shanghai Automotive Trade Association, (Retrieved: 17 November 2023)


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