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How To Keep Business Costs Low With Technology In 2024

When it comes to keeping your business costs low, technology has been a great help for many businesses in existence within this modern market. In 2024, there will be more businesses using technology than ever before. Technology proves to be effective in a number of ways and it’s helpful when it comes to providing more success for the company going forward.


With that being said, if you’re looking to keep business costs low this year, here are some ways in which technology can be of assistance.

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Outsource services needed

Outsourcing is a great way of maximizing the time you have available on an average business day. While you might have plenty of resources in-house to deal with the day-to-day tasks that need fulfilling, it might not be enough.


Therefore, it’s important to look at how you could outsource particular services in order to keep your business costs low. Consider what services you need to outsource and how technology can accompany those services required.


As a business, it pays to outsource, regardless of whether your company is a small one or a big corporation. The extra helping hand that comes from resources could ramp up your output as a business this year.

Use company cards to manage expenditures

Company cards are a great way to manage your expenditures, which is why it’s important to invest in this type of technology for your business. Comparing different fleet cards is necessary in order to get the best deals for you and your staff members.


There are plenty of cards out there, but not all of them might be appropriate for your business needs and expenditures. With company cards, you can hold each individual responsible for those that have them. Rather than it being a shared card, each card given to a staff member can be monitored closely.


You can also learn more about your company’s expenditure through what your employees spend. This is useful for helping cut the expenditures of some employees that might be causing financial hardships for the company. It’s a good way to spot the potential problem before it becomes an actual problem!

Make use of automation

Automation is a wonderful technology and one that has advanced tenfold over the years. As it’s grown popular amongst many businesses, it’s a great option for those who want to try and keep business technology as low as possible.


There are lots of software that now utilize automation in order to help streamline the tasks that many employees are faced with day in and day out.


If you’ve got employees complaining about conducting monotonous tasks or those tasks, in particular, seem to be taking up too much of their workload, then automation is a great technology to research and spend your money on as a business.


Automation is and will be a continued use of technology going forward, so if you’re not already using it, you will be soon enough.

Create a budget with spreadsheets

Budgeting is helpful to keep track of spending and one form of technology that’s useful for keeping track of your spending is by using spreadsheets. The good old classic Microsoft Excel is a worthwhile option.


You also have the free option of using Google Sheets, which is essentially the exact same as Microsoft Excel but an online version.


With budgeting, you can keep a careful eye on what’s being spent if you’ve not yet got the resources to hire a finance team or accountant. Not all businesses are flushed for money, so if you’re just starting out, chances are you’re doing a lot of job roles all on your own or between very few people.


Keep an eye on your budgets and always overestimate, rather than underestimate. That way, you won’t be disappointed when the costs come out higher than expected. At least if you can estimate correctly, you’ll be able to budget in the best way possible.

Review departmental expenditures with collaborative software

Departments all have their individual spending, which means you have to keep track of a lot at once. That’s where technology can help! Using collaborative software is a great way to get all of the departmental expenditures under one roof so that you can see where money is being spent correctly and where money might need saving.


There are certainly plenty of options available when it comes to collaborative software whether you use something as simple as Microsoft Teams or you opt for something that offers more features.


Reviewing departmental spending is important and it’s something you should be doing regularly. It’s necessary to identify where the expenditures are costing the business more than you’d anticipated and what that might mean for the growth of the company moving forward.

Migrate documents to the cloud

The cloud has fast become one of the most sought-after technologies in 2024. It’s had a bit of a slippery path in recent years as it’s growth on the market has been unstable with threats to security. 

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The growth of cybercrime hasn’t helped matters, especially when the cloud wasn’t as strong as it is now in terms of cyber security.


Nowadays though, many businesses are putting their trust in the cloud, as well as software providers who are looking to offer their customers unlimited storage and growth for their company resources. It might be a good idea to start looking at migrating your documents to the cloud, or at least digitally.


The cost and hassle of having to print everything and have physical documents on hand is a lot. With the technology we have readily available, it makes sense for any modern-day business, to adopt a paperless workplace and to migrate any and all documents to the cloud for safekeeping. 


It’s a better option to store everything on one server or multiple computers that are at risk to being hacked or compromised in some way.

Buy refurbished equipment 

You don’t need to be paying above the nose for technology and that includes equipment. It’s important to consider refurbished equipment as this can still provide everything you would need to do a job or task, without needing to fork out the expense for a new option that does the same thing.


With that being said, you should still allocate a healthy budget for the purpose of purchasing various technological equipment. After all, you want to provide your staff with the best tools you can give them in order to do a proper job day in, day out.

Try out AI

AI or artificial technology as it’s called is taking over our lives as we know it. For many, it’s threatening jobs that were once considered to be precious within the industry. As a business, it’s important to give AI a try. At the end of the day, AI needs humans to control it and to maintain it’s efficiency.

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Consider what programs and software that you might want to consider that utilize AI as its main technology. It’s a worthwhile technology to explore and to not be so scared of. Just like all technology, it offers its benefits without needing to threaten the livelihood of those who consider it to be so.

Look at virtual technology for future events

Virtual technology is another type that’s fast becoming popular amongst many businesses. Many companies are already using virtual reality or VR for short, to create events that people all around the world can visit without the need for a passport or visa!


VR is a great way to connect people and to build relationships between individuals who might not have otherwise connected, even with access to the internet and networking platforms.


For businesses that often conduct events or consider it to be an important part of the business, exploring VR might be a helpful addition to your company’s growth in this area. Take advantage of this technology, especially now it’s becoming more affordable and has improved greatly from it’s earlier days on the market.

Hire using management software

Management software offers a variety of benefits, including those occasions when companies are looking to hire new staff. It’s important that you’re making the right choice when hiring, especially as it can often cause a detriment to the business if you choose the wrong people.


When it comes to hiring, management software is a useful option for those who want to control the process in the best way possible. With management software, you can follow the hiring process from start to finish. The monitoring capabilities of such software can help keep track of all candidates, their progress, and interview reviews for all those involved to look at.


That way, when it comes to making the decision on who is best for the job, you’ll be able to make the right decisions based on the data you have within this software.


Keeping your business costs low with technology is a useful area to spend your time, so make sure you’re taking full advantage of what technology can offer you in 2024.


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Sun. April 14th, 2024

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