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Ethical & Useful Ways To Use AI In Content Creation

Ethical & Useful Ways To Use AI In Content Creation

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Artificial intelligence throws up many ethical challenges, particularly from a content creation standpoint. Theoretically, you could use AI to write blog posts, create video scripts, or generate graphics. It all sounds so easy but uses like this take real work away from talented creatives. 


Does this mean AI in the creative sector should be banned entirely? No! You can use artificial intelligence to make the content creation process easier without running into ethical conundrums. Here are a few clear use cases that show the power of AI without taking anything away from the creative process. 

Generate Captions For Videos

Captions make videos more accessible for those with hearing problems. Unfortunately, going through a whole video and adding them manually takes a lot of time and effort. AI can be used to do this in an instant. 


It’s a game changer for creatives in the video production realm, especially if you make YouTube videos for a living or are in charge of marketing for a business. You’re using modern tech to streamline the content creation process without using it to completely generate the video itself or disrupt the need for humans. 

Create Chapters For Videos

Similarly, if you want to know how to add chapter to YouTube video, AI will help. Tools exist that take an existing video and split it up into the right sections and chapters for the audience. It makes videos easier for people to digest as they see what’s coming up, or can navigate to a specific section they care about. 


Again, this is perfect for video content creators and marketing teams as chapters make videos more engaging and easier to handle. You’re using artificial intelligence to tackle a very specific job that would otherwise be rather time-consuming. 

Provide Ideas For Blog Articles

Using AI to write articles is bad – but using it to provide ideas or outlines is reasonable. You’re still writing the content, but you’re getting an extra helping hand. It’s like having an assistant who can hit you with ideas and prevent writer’s block


Good AI software can also give you ideas about how to frame the content so you’ve got a clear outline to follow. Then, it’s a case of writing it all by hand – the content is created by a talented human, it just takes far less time as the planning process is shortened. 

Offer Spelling & Grammar Tips

Speaking of which, the editing process can be streamlined if you use AI-powered spelling & grammar software. These grammar checkers will automatically review your work as you type, presenting suggestions on how to rephrase certain sentences or the correct spelling for words. 


It means you spend more time creating content and less time dealing with the extra parts of it that take up a lot of your time. 


See, AI and creatives can live in harmony if this tool is used the right way. People should stop looking at how AI can replace humans and think about how it can help us. These use cases prove that content creators still have a huge role to play and artificial intelligence is there to improve the whole process.

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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