Automotive Industries

Automotive Industries

Founded in 1895

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Reducing the environmental impact of vehicle shipping      GeicoTaikisha’s J-Hive system – wins the Surcar 2015 innovation award     Zen and the art of car design    Managing Big Data to make cities more competitive    Real-time health tool ensures development projects are under budget and on time    Plastics paving the way for e-mobility and reduced carbon emissions    Automatic transmissions contribute to fuel economy    Bionic design and additive manufacturing go mainstream    New AUTOSAR adaptive platform on its way    Partnership puts  ADAS in the fast lane    Connected cars at tipping point    Controlling big data in the connected car    Enabling connected cars  to see beyond their sensors    Securing the - computer on wheels    The race for faster and more secure connectivity    15 years of innovations in electronic networking    From autonomous vehicles  to additive manufacturing    Synergies reduce time to market for new gauges    Rolling out aluminum supply to meet growing demand    The science of seating    Torque vectoring  enhances the driving experience    Under the skin of Jaguar’s new SUV    Doors open to innovative suppliers    Connected Vehicles in Smart Cities 2.0     Focus on reducing the carbon footprint of commercial vehicle delivery    Intuitive HMI is changing the driving experience    Quality electronic components supported by superior logistics    Speeding up the e-revolution  through Formula 1 and buses    Connecting the leaders in auto industry digitization    Steady flow of investment in Macedonia from new and existing companies    Expanding the outer limits of the intelligent safety eco-sphere    Funding fuels  journey to  piloted driving    Augmented reality in the workshop    Car radios being replaced ` by infotainment platforms    Consumer electronics integrated into vehicle design    Full backward integration  of polyolefin value chain    Mild hybrid 48V systems driving lower CO2 emissions    New fluorosilicone technology and adhesives added to the toolboxes of manufacturers      Meeting growing  demand for recycled PP    Innovation days help paint a picture of the future for partners and financial institutions    New lightweight, high-performance Alcoa aluminum alloys for automotive applications    “De-risking” introduction  of new aluminum components      Blueprints from nature  help reduce weight    The chemistry fueling technological breakthroughs    The chemistry fueling technological breakthroughs    Specialized automotive plastics overcoming design challenges    Helping OEMs stay  connected to their customers    NVIDIA powers  “deep learning”  in cars    Dashcams now connect through the Cloud    Powering the Digital Instrument Cluster Revolution    The science behind display fonts for in-car screens    Moving a million vehicles a year by sea    Transforming EVs into mini power stations    Over the air updates save costs, improve customer service    Moroccan government fuels growth of auto sector    A common interface for online and offline music sources    Big is better for seagoing vehicle carriers    Finnish company plugs into Silicon Valley innovation stream    Supercomputer power in an onboard chip powers advanced vision systems    Adaption of secure connections to enable the car of the future    “Agnostic” connectivity between vehicle and smartphone makes the right connection     Midwest – gears shifted from “Rust Belt” to “Trust Belt”    Researching & innovating intelligent safety systems    Lead-free soldering for automotive glazing    Virtual audio system reduces time to production    New generation behind the wheel at BMW    Mapping the way through the autonomous driving paradigm shift    System keeps driver focused on the road    Mobile units speed up fuel testing    Technology breakthrough reduces costs of driverless cars    Mitsubishi in the Brazilian fast lane    Connected cloud meets need for scalability, flexibility and security    HMI form and functionality help OEMs differentiate models    Industry firing on all cylinders in Birmingham    Auto Shanghai the gateway to rapidlygrowing market    ElectriPlast technology sparks new designs for electric and hybrid vehicles    Anvis group expanding to meet OEM needs    Growth of automotive show reflects evolution of motor industry    Multi-disciplinary partnership pushes the envelope for autonomous cars    Sunderland – the hub of the UK’s low-carbon automotive industry    Continental now offers top-quality service solutions for franchise dealers    Clean, safe fuel cell technology ready for the forecourt     Exploring the driverless car ecosystem    Fast charging provides the spark for EV rollout    US government investment in advanced vehicles paying off    Real-time maps are game changers    Cyber security joins airbags as a safety must-have    Data safety first for connected vehicles    Fine-tuning cyber-security for vehicles    Secure communication technology = “endless possibilities”    Under the (aluminum) skin of the Jaguar XE    Jaguar XE treads lightly thanks to new alloy    Mapping the way for fully autonomous driving    Flexible systems last the distance    Innovation in V-profile clamp design    Maximum driving pleasure with minimum consumption    Crash test dummies put on weight to improve safety    Telematics Conference Middle East & Africa, 12 March 2015, Dubai, UAE    Expanding the horizons for the next generation of designers     Putting the spotlight on LED lighting     LED lights for F-150 are “Ford Tough”     Double digit fuel economy from 48V system     Greening of the logistics chain     Green bonds to finance green cars     “Mild hybrid” from Schaeffler and Continental     Automotive companies follow the road to Kansas City     Weight-saving PP components replacing metal and other plastics     Electromagnetic simulation in the design process     Automechanika shifts up a gear     Geico celebrating a hat-trick of awards     Soft tops free up designers while offering same driving comfort as hard tops     CeBIT establishes itself as a business platform     How consumer electronics is steering vehicle design     More complex vehicles demand more sophisticated anti-theft devices     Mission Critical ERP moves into the cloud for global operations     “Green” materials to stop vehicles safely – and quietly     Meeting the global challenge for more reliable engine parts     Tightening emission regulations driving growth     Plastics making vehicles lighter, quieter     Forget carjacking, the next big threat is car hacking     Good business is a win-win situation for OEM and suppliers - BMW     Intelligence comes to voice technology     Fleet operators, dealers and credit providers building on M2M telematics platforms     Autonomous cars: no longer just science fiction     Driving beyond the connected car     Splitting the bill between the consumer and the OEM in the connected car     The greening of long-distance travel     Ford App helps ADT customers control home security from their cars     Optimizing fuel efficiency through the drivetrain     Ceramic separator takes the dangerous spark out of lithium ion batteries and improves battery perfor    Plastics innovation sustains growth     Accelerating the introduction of hi-tech cars     Special steels delivered with strength built into the coil     Evolution adds brains to assembly line     Smoother bearings for a greener ride     3-D printing goes from novelty to “disruptive technology”     Meeting the growing demand for polypropylene     Communal platform to map automotive supply chain     Smartphone-agnostic integration comes of age     Keeping drivers on the right track and with eyes on the road     Redefining “piloted driving”     Google and Apple connectivity reshaping driving experience     Malaysian government driving auto industry transformation     Infrared technology allows cars to see in poor light     Infotainment: a full range of products     Separation of software from hardware creates new opportunities     Protecting intellectual property in a global marketplace     Making the right connections for electric vehicles     Traditional audio market being redefined     Automotive supplier KSPG stays focused under new leadership     Construction glass technology goes mobile     BMW shifts gear to enter new segments    Battery management – making a difference     New pony car a technology thoroughbred     The connected car of the future    Car-to-x communication enhances driving experience     Saudi Arabia opens doors to auto companies    Helping suppliers from emerging countries to support European manufacturers    Macedonia establishing itself as manufacturing hub    Revving up the South Carolina auto industry    Kentucky smooths the way for auto investors    Lightweight robots can work alongside people    Rebuilding the Missouri auto industry    Innovation behind transporting the transporters    Automotive Goes All-In on LTE    Balancing battery cells for safety and longevity    Lightweight windshields going mainstream    Fluorochemistries to unlock lithium-ion battery potential    “Smaller is better” when it comes to electric motors    Higher voltage to optimize start-stop savings    Formula E will add spark to the EV revolution    J.D. Power on J.D. Power    Putting Google search and speech power in the vehicle     Crafting a business model for EV charging solutions    Creating A Dynamic HMI For Next-Gen Device Integration    Connecting the three pillars of M2M technology    Polymers outperforming metals in demanding applications    Focus on Driving Tomorrow    New generation POMs helping to reshape auto manufacturing and design    Adding strength and durability to polymers    Navigation goes mainstream in car design    Daimler on fuel cells and e-vehicles    Steering connected car services into the fast lane     Connecting cars in developing markets    South Africa positioned as gateway to African market    Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging will set EVs free    Using visual computing power to meet rising customer expectations    The age of Smart Cars    New generation POMs helping to reshape auto manufacturing and design    Advantages of vertical machining    AI INTERVIEW: Automotive Industries speaks to Jay Nixon, Governor of Missouri.    Developing the right mix for greener paint shops    Morocco fuels automotive investment with incentives and skills    3D simulation holds key to competitiveness for growing Indian CV market    Connecting agreements for single e-mobility charging plug    Green logistics help reduce auto industry carbon footprint    Thailand on road to 3 million units a year    Retrofitting to meet Euro 6 standards    New coatings needed for catalyst suppliers to keep up with stricter regulations and latest powertrai    Three auto giants join hands over three continents to develop FCEV systems    Formula E hits the road (quietly)    Optical controls to replace touchscreens    Speeding up evolution of the connected car    Mapping the integration between navigation and endless features    Vehicle automation under the spotlight    Connected platforms for infotainment automotive    Bigger auto presence for CES 2014    Connecting the urbanSWARM     Collaboration fuels innovation at Ford    Innovation driving Mercedes-Benz    Spearheading the use of aluminum technology in the S-Class     Steel continues to provide backbone of auto industry    GAZelle leaps ahead of its competition    Measuring every camshaft on the production line    Robots improving materials handling efficiencies while reducing costs    ERP Applications become more “consumer friendly”     Setting the benchmark for world-class machining applications     Shining a light on optical semiconductor technology     Fighting fires with fluorochemicals     Next generation of MOST the focus of fifth forum     First expo and conference to focus on car body manufacturing     GAZelle leaps ahead of its competition    Thailand – manufacturing base for 600-million consumer market     Mapping out new markets     Focus on how “plastics move the world”    Ford’s view of the next wave of automotive electronics innovation    Reducing the costs of humanmachine interface systems    Opensource technologies merge communication and transportation     The new Aktaş “spring collection” offers color customization     CBI - Promoting exports from developing countries     TTTech brings networking scalability and flexibility to automotive customers     XIRAN® compounds for eco-friendly and system cost-efficient part production     Plastic optical fiber meets demand for bandwidth, lower costs    Meeting the increasingly complex challenge of real-time data capture    Building an Auto Industry Hub through Value Creation    Auto Shanghai to showcase “turning of a new page ” in automotive history    80% CO2 REDUCTION TARGETED BY JOINT AUDI-JOULE FUEL PROGRAM    Ai Interview with Prof. Rudolf C. Stauber, Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research    Opening the doors of European trade to thousands of exporters in developing countries    TEDA: Building an Auto Industry Hub through Value Creation    The 2012 MirrorLink Summit and Technical Workshop     Serving a market of a billion people    Morocco plugs into global supply chains    Finding the right formula in China    Just in time management information helps drive business    Sustainable air for the auto industry    From lighting breakthroughs to traffic management    TPE and PVC compounds made to order    Future materials for e-mobility    NNG – Navigation beyond borders    Focus on... challenges facing telematics rollout    Android driving vehicle connectivity    Demand for catalysts outstripping market growth    Novelis and Jaguar Land Rover to supply lightweight SUVs    Meeting the challenge of “making it better”    Technical leadership through Innovation - the solution powering the automotive industry    BMW takes suppliers along on the journey    Company transformation reflects changing automotive market    Advanced head units connect driver and car    Navigation system integrated into engine management    TickITplus aims to improve the quality of software for business and industry internationally    Focus on challenges facing telematics rollout     First aluminum auto sheet plant for China    Partnerships between suppliers and distributors needed to drive aftermarket opportunities    iviLink free connectivity platform help bring apps to the car     Graphite is the new black gold     Serving a market of a billion people     Helping OEMs meet efficiency targets    Macedonia planning to create more Technological Industrial Development Zones    Testing systems when the rubber hits the road     Simulating lighting conditions for drivers as part of the design process    Seamless integration for infotainment and driver assistance networks    CES continues to grow    Building cars for the Millennials    Designing machine tools for the future    Thailand has target of 2.3 million vehicles back in sights    First aluminum auto sheet plant for China     Global interest in automotive plastics    Driving a vision of “Seamless Transport”     Integrating design software from end-to-end    Aegean free trade zone expanding to meet demand     Space-age conductive plastics for auto industry    Ai exclusive interview: - Jérôme Bellocq, co-founder and VP Business Development at Lumiscaphe.    Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) tools    Setting out to revolutionize in-auto entertainment     KUKA Systems Winning awards and big contracts    New engineering resins quick off the grid    Silicon carbide is the base for breakthrough filtration technology     Qatar Motor Show firmly on the global map     Connecting to a Connected Car    Thermoplastics moving into underbody     Carbon fibers power Qatar’s entry into global auto market    Zero emission paintshops on the horizon    Traction for REIFEN 2012    VW is Beetling along again    Catering for a converging market-place     Bologna to focus on sustainable mobility, innovation, and technology     Preh excels in advanced vehicle interior controls     Driverless Cars in 2022… Making the Vision a Reality     The future of cleaner, longer-lasting lithium ion batteries     New Generation of connecting Technology for future charged air and cooling systems    Batteries vs Fuel Cell- Mercedes is backing both    Infotainment goes mainstream     Focus on innovation to drive auto industry into future    Innovation- BMW style    Experienced ingenuity delivers Dow Corning automotive solutions to OEMs    AI interview with Atul Kapadia, chairman and CEO of Envia Systems    Ai interview with Lew Fulton, Head of Division, International Energy Agency    Ai interview with Jan Unander, Executive Director, Telematics Valley.    Clear vision for the auto glass market    Working costs out of the logistics chain     Wireless connects operator to real-time data on factory floor    VW’s E-future    The future is green at Delphi     Tesla goes mainstream     TAPA goes green    Surprises promised for 2012 Qatar Motor Show     SMA polymers take the compromise out of design     Slashing the costs of EV battery production     Race is on to supply EV charging stations     Powering up electric batteries    PaintExpo – Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Coating Technologies     Meeting the connectivity challenge – differentiation on a common standard platform     Meeting multiple testing challenges     Helping OEMs meet user expectations     Ford’s multi-pronged EV approach     Eco-friendly commercial vehicle delivery     Composites helping industry to “reinvent itself”     Coating the auto industry for success     Breakthroughs in Testing Technology as New Global Player Emerges    Breakthroughs in polypropylene technology     Autosar Phase III expands into non-automotive areas     A dependant future for independents?    Interview with Dr. Peter Roessger on Human Machine Interfaces    Meeting the connectivity challenge – differentiation on a common standard platform    Gateway to still accelerating Chinese market     Natural Gas network coming on stream     OEMs, suppliers signing up for consumer electronics shows     Investing for a cleaner world     Suspended on air     Taking pole position in the race to develop DPF technology ahead of regulations     “Game-changing” materials reduce vehicle weight     Keeping heat and sound inside the system     Fast-tracking ECU development     Thermoplastics get tougher and more colourful     Single MCU caters for multiple infotainment standards     “Re-inventing” the in-wheel drive system    Growing Eurasian auto market attracts major trade fair    Lower costs benefit both exhibitors and visitors to NPE2012    New generation fluid transport systems for diesel SCR technology    MOST takes automotive technology into new industries    Moroccan auto industry moving into top gear    Future technologies at Mercedes-Benz    Traditional oil pump is moved, and becomes a vacuum pump as well    Catalytic SCR technology goes mobile    Plastics for better living    Naturally more efficient lubricants    Connectivity is greening transport     BMW builds its DNA into new “i” range    Plastic innovation beneath the skin of the forvision     3-D sensors open up new dimensions in design    Fast-tracking ECU development     Model S: Designing the Perfect Endurance Athlete    Powering up for 100 000 electric vehicles    Plastics “breaking the mold”     Wheels turning for Serbia as new European automotive hub    Plastics changing the face of bearings     The future of Connected Mobility     New infotainment technologies     Shipping adjusts to industry globalization     Global alliance to provide coating systems and plants     New Focus positively reflects the “One Ford plan”    Turkey’s industrial zones shifting gear     Global imprint for mold expos    Testing puts Taiwanese EV industry in pole position     Road to Balkans becoming much travelled    Ai interview - Bozidar Laganin, director of the Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency    Ai interview - David Murdoch, VP Navigation at TheWhereBusiness    Ford revs up global engine technology     Powering up for electric vehicles     Vector and TTTech partnership nets Audi contract    The next generation of M2M networking     Windshield technology improves safety and comfort    Saxony-Anhalt: Germany’s heavyweight in lightweight construction    Car collectors back on track     Focus on MOST pioneer Ruetz System Solutions    Getting the most out of MOST    Sensing the future    Mapping out the future for MOST    Filter manufacturing and technology goes global    Producing environmentally-friendly brake pads starts in the factory     Testing automotive technology for 60 years     Staying connected, but not distracted    Closing the electric power gap    Geico – optimizing paint shops worldwide    Fallbrook - Keeping accessories operating at optimum speed    Information adds to driving pleasure     AUTOSAR building momentum     Focus on battery power     Fewer microns = greener engines    Ai interview with the new spokesperson of the AUTOSAR Cooperation, Alain Gilberg    Ai interviews Menahem Anderman, president of Advanced Automotive Batteries    Time critical freight service keeps wheels rolling    Retrofitting diesel particulate filters to reduce warranty claims    Starting with engine design to meet emission targets    Growing demand for test fuels    Working towards making EVs a more viable alternative    Science Park caters for new and existing technology businesses    Ai interview William G. Klehm: III, chairman of the board, president and CEO of Fallbrook    AUTOSAR release 4.0 speeds up design     Ai interview - Peter Secker, president and CEO of Canada Lithium Corp.    Ai interview - Massimo Mannori, general manager at INTECS S.p.A    Ai interview - Matthias Dörfel, (R&D) and Ralf Münzenberger, (Professional Services) of INCHRON    Stopping power for new BMW 5 Series     Ai interview - Christopher O’Connor, President and CEO of Humanetics Innovative Solutions    Turning raw data into information     Expanding to meet demand for natural gas     No simple “plug and play” for electric vehicles     Ai interview Steffen Spannagel, Product Marketing Manager, BL Car Entertainment Solutions, NXP Semi    AI interview with Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA),     Ai interview Robert Lightfoot, Purchasing and Marketing Director, TRW Automotive Aftermarket Europe    Business is a gas for Landi Renzo     Custom-designed ICs push the limits    Ai interview with Lawrence A. Drake, CEO, KUKA Systems    Ai interview Andrew Alcazar, President of Russo and Steele, LLC    Automotive Industries spoke to Rebecca Mantle, Global Conference Director, Telematics Update    Designing infotainment systems for the connected generation    Ai interview - William Bell, CEO of Dürr Ecoclean, Inc.     Ai interview - Bernd Gessner, General Manager Automotive, austriamicrosystems AG.     Ai interview - Franz Blum, General Manager, Vega International    Interview Steve Polakowski, President of ESG Automotive & Bill Mattingly, VP Business Development    Ai interview with Kenji Okabe, Director of the show management for CAR-ELE JAPAN and EV JAPAN    Ai interview with Peter Harrop, Chairman, Future of Electric Vehicle USA 2010.     Ai interview - Graham Smethurst, president and spokesman of the GENIVI Alliance    Ensuring that car entertainment stays in tune with market needs    Ai asks ANX president and CEO, Rich Stanbaugh about the recently announced ANX-ENX interconnection    Kars4Kids has received generous fleet donations from such Fortune 1000 companies as Texas Instrument    Ai interview - David Bogema, Senior Application Engineer, Brüel & Kjær North America Inc    Ai interview - Arno Köhler, General Manager, ZygoLOT GmbH    Ai interview - Wolfgang Malek, CEO, Ruetz Systems Solutions GmbH    Ai interview - Christian Thiel, chief spokesperson for the MOST Cooperation    Ai interview - Dr Viktor Tiederle, president of RELNETyX AG    Ai interview - Markus M. Jessberger, Event Director, Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH.     Automotive Industries interviews Addison D. Cole, CEO of Adcole Corporation    Ai interview - Wayne Petersen, President and General Manager, Haltermann Solutions    Automotive Industries spoke to Kevin Czinger, president and CEO of CODA Automotive    Automotive Industries spoke to Peter Ament, CEO, Ontorix GmbH    Ai caught up with Doug Kowalski, Technology Director at Aristo Intelligent Catalyst Tehnology    AI interviews Kjell Nilsson, CEO at Semcon and Stefan Ohlsson, President, Automotive R&D    Automotive Industries interviews Thomas Aukamm, director of Automechanika     Ai interviews Mike Carnell, President, and Rob Tripp, Managing Partner of CS International    Automotive Industries interviews Stefan Bunzel, spokesperson of AUTOSAR    Ai interview with Winfried Doelling, managing director of Alantum Europe    Automotive Industries interview with Charles Tasker, CEO, MiX Telematics (International)    Automotive Industries caught up again with Andrew Alcazar, president of Russo & Steele LLC    Automotive Industries spoke to Rebecca Mantle, Global Conference Director, Telematics Update    AI interview with Ian Dickie, Chief Executive, FISITA    AI interview with Ali Reza Arabnia, president and CEO of GEICO - Focus on greening the paintshop    Thailand taking center position as ASEAN auto parts hub    Switching on hybrid technology    Landi Renzo taking alternative fuel systems to the U.S.    Managing the costs of catalytic systems    Parrot - connecting customers to their cars     Automotive Industries interview Karl Fuehrer, Managing Director of the Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal Gm    AI interview with Timo Ali-Vehmas, vice president, Compatibility & Industry Collaboration, Nokia    AI Interview with Michael Dennis Knudsen, General Manager, Haldor Topsoe A/S.    AI interview with Claus Bruestle, president of North American operations at Emitec Inc    AI interview with Petra Cullman, Project Director of the K 2010    Automotive Industries interview Karl Fesenmeyer, chairman of IMAP    Munro Helps EPA Forecast the Real Cost for Greener Engines     AI interview with Shri R. Maitra, Executive Director of the ENGINEERING EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL    AI interview with Bernd Gessner, General Manager Automotive, austriamicrosystems AG     AI interviews Mongia Khemiri, General Director, The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Tunisia    AI interviews Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corporation    AI interview with Pascal Gula, chief executive officer of pulse-AR    AI caught up with Simon Fürst, Spokesperson of AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture)     Natural Gas Vehicles – Creating a Transport Revolution    Automotive Industries speaks to Jerker Adeberg, Executive Vice-President, Luvata    AI interview with Bob Riedford, president of Buehler Motor, Inc.    AI interview with Tony Best, founder and managing director of Anthony Best Dynamics    AI interview with Mark R. Munch, Ph.D., EVP, Metrology and Instrumentation at Veeco Instruments     AI EXCLUSIVE - 40,000 gal/day ALGAE OIL PRODUCTION ON TARGET FOR 2010 START    Introducing innovative passive safety features and more active safety features    Pelagicore backs on COQOS     Exhilaration without excess    Debugging the new AUTOSAR framework    The Italian Industry of natural gas vehicles for a sustainable mobility    AI interview with Samuel Higgins, chairman of the board, Axial Vector Engine Corporation    Muscling in on the Chinese market     AI spoke to Lewis Mowatt, product manager, automotive at Nuance Communications UK    Open Source fuels new Apps - GENIVI    Extended Connectivity, Multimedia & Web-based Features    Direct Manufacturing. Going way beyond rapid prototyping    Central communication and invoicing tool for workshops, fleet operators and manufacturers    Borealis and Borouge bringing new plastics to market    High performance mixed signal electronics    AI interviews Curt Moore, General Manager, AEC-Automotive Business at Texas Instruments.    AI interview Daniel Hotzy, General Manager, Eberspächer Electronics GmbH & Co. KG    Open source platform for use in, in-vehicle infotainment or IVI products    AI interview with Dan Cauchy, Vice President of Marketing at MontaVista Software    AI interview with Jason Cao, General Manager of Messe Frankfurt Shanghai Co Ltd.    AI interview with Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA),    The best protocol with which to create an industry standard for serial communication systems    Autogas – the third fuel of choice for motorists    Automotive Industries caught up with Simon Fürst, spokesperson, AUTOSAR Development Partnership    AI Interview - Zbigniew Kubacki, Minister Counselor, Embassy of the Republic of Poland    Automotive Industries interview with Dennis Levine, chairman of Burdale Financial Ltd    Staying entertained and informed - Telemotive    AI Interview with Martin Reber, CEO of SVOX AG    AI interview with Roelof Westerbeek, President DSM Engineering Plastics.    AI caught up again with Viktor Mizo, CEO Agency for Foreign Investments of the Republic of Macedonia    AI caught up again with Ali Reza Arabnia, president and CEO of Geico S.p.A    AI interview - Gyorgy Retfalvi, General Director, Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency    An industrial joint venture to series-produce plug-in hybrid cars    Sweden at the forefront of the global race to find alternative and renewable energy sources    DAIO - Supplying solutions    AI speaks to Michael Kapral, the new president and chief executive officer of Amerityre Corporation.    AI interview with Eivin Jørgensen, CEO, EFD Induction    Automotive Industries spoke to Tony Hardy, director of the Centre for Low Carbon Futures    European Union market for automotive parts and components is estimated to be over 300 billion Euros    AI interview with Steve Polakowski, president of ESG Automotive Inc    AI interview with Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, Director of Corporate Relations, WWF International.    CAFE sets new course for US auto industry    AI caught up with Professor Mike Tovey, Director for Design at Coventry University    AI Interview: Martin Schuurmans, chairman of the governing board of the European Institute of Innova    Automotive Industries spoke to Lennart Josefson, director of the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre    Parrot will be launching soon new products with top-level German car brands by early 2010    Developing and Testing ECUs for Electric Vehicles    The United Kingdom like the rest of Europe and indeed the world is trying to revitalize its industry    Real Time 'Automotive Industry' Business Simulation    AI interview with Sal Scuderi, president of the Scuderi Group    AI interview with Connie Hedegaard, Denmark's first Minister for Climate and Energy    Automotive Industries interview with Dr Christian Thiel, chief spokesperson for the MOST Cooperation    AI speaks to Jay Chmelauskas, President, Western Lithium Canada Corporation (WLC).    Automotive Industries spoke to Wim Dieker, chief executive officer of Troostwijk Auctions    Advice to auto suppliers who face the threat of their customers going bankru    AI interview with Marcel Visser, vice president, automotive division of Cinterion Wireless Modules    AI interviews Bernd Matthes, President of Transmission Joint Ventures, BorgWarner    Automotive Industries caught up again with Fred Hume, CEO at Data I/O Corporation    AI interview Lutz Deyerling, vice-president of European operations at the Scuderi Group    AI interview with Lennart Josefson, Director of the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre    AI interview with Michael Fitzpatrick, General Manager of PSI Repair Services.    AI interview with Ali Reza Arabnia, President and CEO of Geico    AI interview with William R. (Bill) Carteaux, president and CEO of SPI    Macedonia’s strength as an emerging hub for automotive components    Automotive Industries spoke to Jacques Delacour, President and CEO of OPTIS    Automotive Industries spoke to Kevin Kott, president of dSPACE Inc.    Automotive Industries caught up with AUTOSAR’s new spokesperson, Gerulf Kinkelin    AI spoke to Jim Spellman, Vice President of Business Development at Raser Technologies    Service Information and Specifications for the Automotive Industry    AI speaks to Rudolf Luttmann, general manager of Mitsui O.S.K Bulk Shipping    Automotive Industries interviews Luigi Tramontana, Founder & Head of Research, Craft Animations AB    AI speaks with Hartmut Herdin, MD of fairXperts about parts cleaning in the automotive industry    Microflex - Rich Evans & MidKnight Black Nitrile Gloves    Automotive Industries spoke to Eric Riyahi, OEM director for Parrot    Keeping cool and green    Focus on “Business of Plastics”    South Africa – motoring ahead    A microcosm of India    Centre of excellence for education and research    Gearing up for Automechanika Shanghai    AI interviews Pawel Wojciechowski, President, Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency    FlexRay for future generation vehicles    Automotive Industries speaks to Hans Svensson, CEO of NovaCast Technologies    Sunday Times Award of “University of the Year” - Excellence to benefit industry    Management of technology is a critical factor for any industry and especially so, for the automotive    How can telematics be used to save the environment    Over 75,000 plastics professionals from over 120 countries are expected to attend NPE 2009    With introduction of regulations established by the EU car makers need to introduce new refrigerants    Telematics Munich 2008    Automotive Industries spoke to Christoph Kübel, President of Bosch Automotive Electronics    Automotive Industries spoke to Jason Cao, general manager of Messe Frankfurt Shanghai    Life after R134a in the automotive air conditioning business    Software solutions for a new generation - Vector CANtech    Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. - Driving India and the World    AI speaks to Klaus Lange, spokesperson FlexRay Consortium and head of networks and diagnostics at VW    Aluminum wheel breakthrough    AI interview with Patrik Wohlhauser, member of the Management Board of Evonik Degussa    Automotive Industries caught up with Roger Johansson, President of Trelleborg Automotive    Internal and External pressure continue to force redesign and change within the Automotive industry    Automotive Industries spoke to Prof. Ing. Ján Košturiak, PhD, managing director of IPA Slovakia    AIDC – South African partnership for competitiveness    Automotive Industries spoke to Massimo Mannori, director - strategy and operations, at INTECS S.p.A.    Automotive Industries spoke to Israel Alpert, president and chief executive officer of SiSTeR Techno    Is it the ‘green’ technologies of Johnson Controls that will lead the race to the USD 50 billion    Automotive Industries interview with Edward Fitzgerald, founder of The BizXchange    Automotive Industries speaks to Sai Huda, chairman and CEO of Compliance Coach    Embracing the AUTOSAR standard with silicon and software    The future of the Auto industry of Pakistan    Automotive Industries spoke to Professor Mike Tovey, Director for Design at Coventry University    Automotive Industries spoke to Bruce Emaus, President of Vector CANtech Inc.    AI speaks to Martin Schleicher, director, products & platforms, EB Automotive Software Business Unit    Automotive Industries spoke to Bernhard Wagner, managing director of CST    AI Interview with Ping Fu, president and CEO of Geomagic Inc    Automotive Industries speaks to Lennart Josefson, Director of the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre    Otomotiv 2008 gears up for growth    Just-in time programming now part of electronic mix    Automotive Industries interviews Jeff Kessen, President of ETAS North America.    Automotive Industries spoke to Thomas Aukamm, director of Automechanika    Automotive Industries spoke to Stephan Kurzawski, vice president of Messe Frankfurt and global brand    Automotive Industries interviews Kirill Bilyk, managing director of NAC ISTA    The EXACT tool you need: Test the test    Automotive Industries interview with Kirill Bilyk, managing director of NAC ISTA    Consumers are increasingly calling for greater comfort, safety and audacious designs    Automotive Industries spoke to Jürgen Mössinger, spokesperson, AUTOSAR    Automotive Industries spoke to Bohdan Danylyshyn, the Minister of Economic Affairs of Ukraine    AI spoke to Ihor Nikolaiko, Director of the Ukrainian State Agency for Investment and Innovation    Automotive Industries spoke to Edward (Ed) King, chairman and CEO of CPU Technology Inc    AI spoke to Mark Utzinger, vice president of Miura Boiler's USA operations    AI speaks to Gary Benninger, President and CEO of Amerityre Corporation    SensorDynamics launches fail-safe gyroscope for the automotive field    AI caught up again with Laurent Puons, general manager, IMAGINA    Automotive Industries caught up again with Cor Dieleman, program manager, trade promotion, CBI    AI speaks to Precksha Saksena, project director for Telematics Detroit 2008    AI speaks to Mark Dendinger of VSS and Oscar Valdes of the VTEC Group    Automotive Industries interview with Hideo Sakamoto, President at Murata Electronics North America    AI interview with Thomas Appelt, VP Automotive Technologies at Corning    Automotive Industries spoke to Dr Jonathan Rich, president and CEO of Momentive Performance Material    Automotive Industries spoke to inventor and industrialist Lennart Stridsberg    Automotive Industries spoke to Franz Blum, Managing Director of VEGA International Car Transport & L    Automotive Industries caught up with Antti Niinivaara, CEO & President of the Ecocat Group.    Automotive Industries speaks to Xavier Melkonian, global accounts automotive executive, Autodesk    Automotive Industries interview with Kaya Tuncer, founder and chairman of ESBAS    Automotive Industries speaks to Dominik Berger, managing director and co-founder of RF-iT Solutions    Automotive Industries spoke to Robert Gao, CEO of High Wing Mold.    Automotive Industries speaks to Matt Carnogursky, General Manager, IPEC Management Eastern SRL.    Automotive Industries spoke to Clint Padgett, Owner and President of Project Success, Inc    Automotive Industries speaks to Peter Egelund, managing director, Active Tools AS    Automotive Industries spoke to Bill Jackson, senior vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton    Automotive Industries spoke to Carlo Poloni, CEO of ESTECO    Buying a car should be easier than it is.    Automotive Industries interview with Francis Pegues, show director of Equip Auto Algeria.    AI interviews Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus plc. and Paul Newsome, MD of Lotus Engineering    Automotive Industries spoke to Claus Hähnel and Wieland Kniffka, managing directors of H & K Messe    Automotive Industries speaks to Anders Källdahl, CEO of Image Systems, AB.    AI interviews Laurent Puons, general manager, Monaco Mediax/IMAGINA.    Automotive Industries speaks to Jim Reitz, business manager at DSM Somos.    AI speaks to Viktor Mizo, CEO of the Agency for Foreign Investments of the Republic of Macedonia.    AI interviews Ron Hayes, Director of Automotive Business Development at Area51-ESG    Automotive Industries spoke to Cor Dieleman, program manager, trade promotion, Centre for Promotion    Joe Verde knows how tough it is being a salesperson, manager or dealer in today’s market    Trade shows put Taiwanese stamp on auto sector    Staying entertained and informed    Turkey’s auto industry on show    Six Sigma in 24/7/365 environment    Nanofibers for cabin filters    Piloting a new path at Ford    Flanders powers up auto industry    EfficientDynamics driving BMW    China’s automotive industry is expected to continue growing by double digits for at least a decade    Turkish auto part exports had been following an increasing trend since 2003, approximately by 20-30%    With its leading edge portfolio, EXTESSY AG appears to be out in front – and pulling ahead    Latvia, in Eastern Europe, is one of the emerging automotive destinations for cost and quality.    CuproBraze production facility for manufacturing different types of radiator and heat exchanger core    Exciting new technologies that are aimed improving the environment-friendliness of automobiles    The next wave in manufacturing...solid state cold welding.    A growth in the importance of branding in Europe while OE credentials are more important in NAM    30 to 50 per cent reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions without compromising power output    The new 130 grams limit from the EU is likely to change the priorities towards high efficiency syste    Turkish companies like Denet Civata that makes parts for OEMs, find their markets growing    Renault's next step in your plan to launch 26 new models by 2009    Destination Innovation    Internet-based portal RepXpert supplies garages with all the information they need    A patented powder metallurgical process transforms nickel foam into a true homogeneous alloy foam    What will be new in EuroMold 2007?    Automotive Industries spoke to Harald Weigelt, VP, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Data I/O Corporati    Metronor: Answering a twin challenge    Have you tried a Ford lately?    Sensors play an important role in the automotive sector    Roads leading to Romania    Metal foam for new generation catalysts    Car carrier tonnage growing to meet demand    Focus on the Flanders automotive hub    Polish low-cost base working for Euromag customers    Destination Innovation    Air power - Using compressed air to replace internal combustion in the power train    A comprehensive view and understanding of air purity solutions    Making crash test dummies more sensitive    CORE focus fuels Mercedes bottom line    Global collaboration easier, more productive and safer    Expanding capacity to reduce emissions    Making roads safer for pedestrians    Argillon - SCR filters diesel emissions    Amerityre - Rubberless Tire Technology    ABB - Leading the Way in Electric Motors and Drives    VMT - Packaging to reduce costs    A smart decision to combine trade shows    Seton - Fine Automotive Leather    Reva Systems - Tracking goes wireless    Mercedes - Benz chooses Nuance’s speech solutions for the new C-Class    Mississippi in pole position    Mercedes Benz – a classy partnership with suppliers    Metzeler - Continuity in times of change    Automotive Industries (AI) speaks to Jerker Adeberg, Executive Vice-President, Luvata    Linamar - Putting Canada’s auto industry in the fast lane    As environmental concern make alternative-fuel-powered cars a must, PHEV cars seem a feasible option    The Southern United States is being dubbed the new Detroit    Euromag strengthen its position in the markets of small to medium size magnesium cast components    Reducing the price of Diesel power    Exporting to the world – Indian Auto Manufacturer Mahindra    The Automotive Industry in Hungary    AI interview with Dr Tayeb A Kamali, CERT Vice Chairman, and Vice Chancellor of Higher Colleges of T    Inside Bosch Automotive Electronics    A continued and steady growth that is driven by Eastern Europe    Lightweight magnesium alloys for the automotive industry    Flexray Consortium goes for speed    Integrating logistics the DHL way    Glazing opens window on world    Focus on Guatemala    Mixing signals but not messages    Vehicles have become the new frontier for the information technology industry    MOL opens new offices in China and Russia and a new car terminal in Guangzhou China    AI spoke to William Carteaux, president and CEO of SPI about what he expects from NPE 2006    Trends in thermoplastics    VW sees suppliers as partners   
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